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Mom Cat and Kitten Cat

How fast do cats breed?

I’m referring to domestic, stray and feral cats. I am not referring to wild cats because there is quite a big difference. Without some sort of restraint on numbers (and there is always restraint...

Gabriel having sex on my arm

Do neutered cats still mate?

YES, sometimes. “Neutering” strictly speaking applies to the male cat and the operation is castration as you probably know. The testes are removed. It’s a very quick operation and my cat went through it...

Female cat screaming at the end of mating

Why do female cats scream after mating?

If you are of a squeamish disposition you might want to stop reading ?. I am just joking because I am sure by now that most people know why female cats scream at the...

Female cat

Why does my female cat refuse to mate?

Why does my female cat refuse to mate? The most common reason why a female cat refuses to mate is that the proposed mating is taking place at the wrong time in her oestrus...

Feral cat colony feeding. The food resource is the reason for grouping.

Female feral cats avoid inbreeding in colonies

A question was raised as to whether feral cats in colonies become inbred. They might become inbred because we know that, when given the opportunity, domestic and feral cats engage in what humans might...

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