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Cat’s small frontal lobes have something to do with high levels of OCD? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes Cats are very Interdependent. Maybe I guess they had a frightening situation. There must be better ways to treat them than putting them on Meds. Often I think lots of Patts and cuddling and giving them time in the right environment helps. Some Cats just want one on one time. I know Cassy(my deceased girl)was very much like this she Hated, to share her Parents with other Cats in the House. Loved it when we gave her equal attention and became much more loving.

  2. The behaviours described as OCD, seem to me to be perfectly normal ones.

    Perhaps they’re forgetting that cats are very much individuals with their own preferences and feelings.

  3. It seems perfectly logical to me that rescue cats confined in a small area together for a lengthy time period would become colonized. And, ofcourse, they would never become adoptable then. That is such a failure move for whatever rescue held them. They should have known differently.

    I don’t think that it has anything to do with OCD.

    I don’t like that we want to assign a human mental disorder to a cat. In my opinion, it’s a cop-out for poor caretaking. It’s easier to give a drug than to explore what the real issue is.

    We all know that litter box issues have mostly to do with anxiety/fear or health issues. Is there a pill for that?

    We are a world of making excuses for our own failures.

    • I agree with Dee, it’s wrong to label cats with OCD, it’s a human disorder!
      I hate any mental disorder labelling of cats and treatment of drugs to ‘cure’ them, it doesn’t work, the underlying cause is still there.
      I honestly think that those so called cat ‘experts’ don’t know as much as those of us who ‘think cat’ do. We understand them and work out and remove their problem instead of masking it with drugs!

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