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Cat Versus Dog Popularity by State, USA (map) — 6 Comments

  1. Haven’t you figured it out yet, Michael? The USA was founded on people that wanted/needed-to get away from your UK values and modes of illogical thinking. This is why you are so fascinated by what happens in the USA. It is beyond your genetically in-bred ability to reason and think clearly. You’ll get it one-day. Keep trying. Though, if your relatives are still breeding with your relatives, then there’s no hope for you.

  2. I see in New Zealand we have more Cats 🙂 Cats are the best To Have. Though We have alot of Dogs too. I think Cats are easy option as Can put them outside. Though I know alot of People esp Garden Type Don’t really Like Cats.

  3. Florida is our “retirees” state. With so many widows, the preference for cats may be representing our “crazy cat ladies”?

  4. Your reasoning is flawed…..

    Deleted because Woody refuses to write a comment without insulting people (Admin).

    Message to Woody. You can say it again but say it politely otherwise F off!

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