Claudia Schiffer took her cat, Chip, to the premiere of Argylle, a film in which he appears

Chip is a handsome cat. He has rapidly become a cat celebrity. He appears to be a Scottish Fold, judging by his appearance in this video. The Scottish Fold has been made popular by human celebrities by Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift has promoted the breed very effectively.

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A bit of a shame that she did not pick a healthier cat breed as the Scottish Fold has a bad reputation for inheriting a debilitating cartilage problem which is how the breed gets its folded ears. But the breed has an appearance that is incredibly popular with celebrity humans.

The Times reports:

“Cat’s in the bag. Claudia Shiffer took her pet, Chip, to the premiere of Argylle in London. He appears in the film, directed by Schiffer’s husband, Matthew Vaughn.”

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Here are a couple of screenshots from the trailer above. I hope no one minds.

Chip is all over news media today. The picture below or a version of it is on the front page of The Times this morning. This version is on the Reddit website with the following caption:

“Claudia Schiffer (AND HER CAT, CHIP) in a custom version of the Versace SS24 dress she wore on the runway at the premiere of “Argylle” in London”.

Note: Chip is in a cat carrier which also caught my eye. It has become a bit of a favourite for celebs. It is a hiking carrier or it can be used to take you cat hiking. It’s got the window and the vents. This one has a fancy patterned appearance. You wonder how comfortable it is though. I mean for the cat 😊. Some veterinarians have ‘slammed’ Claudia for putting her cat through a traumatic time trapped in a backpack carrier with no place to hide in noisy and strange surroundings. But the photograph is all about dressing up Claudia for the big moment. The cat was being used you could argue.

I believe the photograph was taken by Kate Green. If there is a problem with publishing it here, please contact me or leave a comment and I will deal with it quickly.

Sorry for the serious side to this story. But there is one. Some breeds are more inherently healthy than others and Ben the Vet makes this point.

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