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Could tigers survive in Africa? — 4 Comments

  1. I would disagree due to two factors predators aside from lions are considerably larger and aggressive and most work in packs and a tiger not being able to climb a tree is death. Tigers have trouble with Dholes avg. 60lbs at best and have killed tigers so to hyenas and wild dogs larger and more aggressive. The level of animal alone in Africa leaves a tiger out of its league. We know lions live in Asian do to pride mentality and possibly any where the wanted to. Tigers aren’t agile enough nor have necessary abilities like leopards to survive in Africa. Then you factor Elephants, water buffalo herds, rhinos, and Hippos. Unless Tiger became more like lions they would be killed off.

    • “tiger not being able to climb a tree is death”

      Wrong. Tigers are great climbers. They’d fair a well as leopards and better than leopards in Africa. Equatorial Africa has many forests, ideal for tigers. You have to be wrong in your assessment.

  2. Tigers are not native to Africa, not because they couldn’t survive there, but due to their genetics. Had they the means to travel across oceans on their own they would have been native to Africa at well. Do try to educate yourself on evolution and how speciation works. It’s due to environmental barriers to their ability to migrate to other regions. No different than birds who are genetically given the flight-range to reach other islands and landmasses. Those with the genetic-given flight-range required to reach other landmasses, are NATIVE to those landmasses. This is why your house-cat “Felis catus” is not native to any landmass on earth. After having been selectively bred from native wild-cat species by humans (invented by humans, no different than some insect that was invented in some lab from other species) they could not have reached any other landmass except through artificial human intervention.

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