Diwali Terrifies Cats and Dogs

I respect all customs and cultures as long as they respect me and my cats…..

Diwali, the “festival of lights” an ancient Hindu festival signifying victory of “light over darkness” and “good over evil”, terrifies domestic cats and dogs. It also irritates the hell out of me for the simple reason that it is an excuse for the participants to set off loud fireworks which they do with gay abandon, thoroughly enjoying themselves, while terrifying countless numbers of pets.

Diwali terrifies pets

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It only takes one family of five people living in one home in one suburb of London to terrify perhaps thousands of cats and dogs and irritate many hundreds of elderly people who want a bit of peace and quiet.

The sound of loud fireworks travels about a mile; about half a mile away the sound is still very loud.  Let’s not forget that these fireworks explode in the air about 100 metres up, which allows the sound to travel very easily far and wide.

So we have five people enjoying themselves setting off loud fireworks at the expense of thousands of animals and people. Is this fair and is this correct and should it be stopped?

In my opinion it should be stopped for many reasons.  Firstly, the Indian festival of Diwali falls just before Guy Fawkes Night, also called Fireworks Night in the UK. In 2014 Diwali falls on October 22 and lasts for two days before that date and two days after it, so we have five days of fireworks.

When the festival of Diwali stops we enter a second protracted session of fireworks for Guy Fawkes night which starts before and goes on after November 5th.

Accordingly, residents who don’t like fireworks and all domestic cats and dogs who are terrified by fireworks have to put up with them for up to 4 weeks and more sometimes. This is not correct. This is totally unfair and it is a public nuisance.

Fireworks should not be sold to the public. Fireworks should be sold to professionals who set up professional displays in parks a good distance from residential homes.

Professional firework displays celebrating Diwali and Guy Fawkes night should take place on one night only.

The government should instigate regulations which insist upon this taking place. There really must be a ban on fireworks being sold to the public because in allowing the public to buy them represents an absolute disregard for the welfare of domestic cats and dogs. It is also leads to many children being seriously injured.

There is an extra dimension to this problem because there are many more Indians in the UK nowadays due to immigration and therefore a far greater chance that native British people and their cats and dogs have to put up with this unpleasant disruption.

It really is time that something happened and I’m sure that many millions of people will agree with what I am stating in this article.

It is ironic that Diwali is described as a festival in which “knowledge over ignorance” and “hope over despair” is celebrated.  It is both ignorant of people and impolite of them to set off loud fireworks at the expense of others and their pets.

For a cat terrified by the sound of loud fireworks hiding under a piece of furniture in someone’s home there is no hope over despair just terror over peace.  Stop these bloody fireworks!


  1. Photo by  Swaminathan who says “May this Diwali bring forth light ,joy and happiness in you lives” – it does not I am afraid.
  2. I respect all customs and cultures as long as they respect me and my cats.

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    • Thanks Rudolph. Cats do tend to adjust to these noises but it takes time. They learn that the sounds are harmless but any new cat (new to the sound) or kitten will be terrified.

      I see that strays moved out of the area and that the noise is getting worse over the past years.


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