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Elavil for anxious cats sometimes. Last resort.

Cat Spraying and Elavil

The cat stuff Unusually (perhaps not that unusually, in fact) cat spraying and Elavil may go together. Cat breeders will suffer the consequences of male cats spraying as it is part of their natural...

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging!

I have created an infographic based on Jackson Galaxy’s very personal concepts and language when describing domestic cat behavior. He hits the nail on the head. You just have to translate his unique language...

Cat sites on tin foil

Does tinfoil scare cats?

This is a question about domestic cats. In general, tinfoil does scare cats. In my view it is because of the noise tinfoil makes when handled plus the texture and the unknown quantities and...

Kitten hiding

Why do kittens hide so much?

There is not a lot to say in response to the question in the title because common sense applies. When a kitten or an adult cat hides it is usually because they want to...

Tortie in a beanie with a blaze

Tortie in a beanie with a blaze

This is a really good cat picture. It is unusual to this sort of quality in a photo taken by a non-professional photographer. The cameras help nowadays and I mean smartphones. The optics are...

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