Domestic cats love to lick ice

Domestic cats lick ice
These domestic cats are enjoying themselves licking ice.
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Poor cat dies when he realizes that ice melts to form … WATER! from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

The title to the Reddit video is a reference to the cat getting his paw wet when he inadvertently puts it in the water. He does not like it. He does not die exactly.

My title is not strictly accurate as not all cats like to lick ice but these cats certainly do.

On Reddit, the video has got 34,000 comments! Why? Mind you most of the comments are wisecracks and conversations about stuff unconnected with the video. That’s the way it is on Reddit. It is interesting though.

The video implies that cats like licking ice. Perhaps the person who set this up – and it was very much set up – flavoured the ice. I would not be surprised to learn that they added flavouring. If not it begs the question as to why cats like to lick ice. It might simply be because they are thirsty and it is hot. That’s the obvious reason.

Licking very cold foods and liquids can cause cat brain freeze, which I believe is a cat’s reaction to the sensation of very cold objects going down the gullet. Humans know what it feels like. It is painful.

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