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Is it right that veterinarians are cheaper than doctors? — 1 Comment

  1. You make some awesome points Michael, it is a sad world we live in where veterinarians can take advantage of people. Choosing a veterinarian is really hard for a rescue or even an individual which is another post I am making soon. I paid $200 for the full mouth dental of 28 teeth which was done wrong – and had a gut feeling it was too good to be true or too cheap to be done right. So many roots left behind. My primary was going to charge $800 so of course I was naive and took
    The cheaper route. These cheaper vets usually cut corners like forgoing pain medications, trading out safer anesthesia for more risky but cheaper anesthetic and utilizing cheap and ineffective antibiotics. Many times the vet is doing surgery and monitoring anesthesia at the same time which is very frowned upon. A dental done right should include a good antibiotic like clindamycin with any tooth extraction, onsior or another pain medication for 2 to 3 days and a dental radiograph before and after the procedure. Then cleaning the rest of the teeth and applying a dental sealant. Unfortunately that often does not happen at cheap vets. For $800 for a full mouth removal at a good vet you will get peace of mind – you get the correct antibiotics, safer anesthetic, pain meds, a tech that will actually monitor the anesthesia while the vet concentrates on surgery. Anyone that has thought twice about why some vets charge less – should always follow up on those feelings by asking questions. There is always a reason why – sometimes that reason is shortcuts to increase profit margins. I have always – always had it bite me when I went the cheap route. Never again will I try to save money. Being on a budget is hard – but I glean guarantee you will spend more by tying to spend less. One other situation I had was a vet who wanted to prescribe a medication for 2x the cost, was last used 10 years ago and was dangerous to a cat’s liver. A cheaper and more effective alternative was readily available for ringworm. They recommend ketoconazole, I used itrafungol. I just cannot blindly trust every vet anymore.

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