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Cat drinking from a bowl

What kind of water bowl is best for cats?

The kind of water bowl that is best for cats is either glass, ceramic or stainless steel and reasonably shallow. The shallowness is to avoid your cat’s whiskers brushing against the sides as they...

African wild cat drinks water

Do domestic cats prefer cold water?

This is a rather esoteric question and I don’t think you will find the answer in books on the domestic cat but you will find opinions on the Internet. I think you have to...

Cat drinking from flowing water

Why don’t cats drink much water?

Instinctively because of their evolution domestic cats don’t drink much water which can impact their health and drinking habits. Domestic cats have kidneys which are two and a half times more efficient than ours...

Cat drinking water

How much do domestic cats drink?

People ask how much do cats drink? I am confining this discussion to domestic cats but obviously the amount that cats drink depends upon the species of cat. With respect to domestic cats the...

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