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  2. In thinking of getting another don sphynx why is it same are born bold and same have some fuzz over them some have wiskers some don’t in the dame litter

  3. hi iv got a don sphinx kitten she was born nov 13tg but she so small got fuzz all over her but its coming off her there a lot on her tail tho will this all go

    • Hi Ann, I believe that most Sphynx grow thin hair on the tail, face, around the genitals and on or around the feet. I not sure it will go because Sphynx cats are not entirely hairless as you are aware. As long as your cat is healthy I would accept it as normal. Thanks for visiting.

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      • I reckon they are rare in the USA. I’d see if a breeder is not too far away, which is probably unlikely. You might be lucky. Google “don sphynx breeder” in Google.com and see what comes up. The website Breedlist.com is pretty good on lists of breeders of purebred cats. Or find a Don Sphynx cat club and ask them. It will take some searching. The Don Sphynx is similar to the Sphynx which is a more common cat breed. They are quite popular cats and actually quite charming. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

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