Feline anatomy is attractive to women

There are many good, positive reasons why more women than men are attracted to the cat. It is a good phenomenon. It occurred to me that another reason is that cat anatomy is attractive to women.

Woman and cat (a slender, leggy serval)
Woman and cat (a slender, leggy serval)
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There are possible two types of attractive cat anatomy. The baby face kitten is one which elicits mother’s nurturing instincts. That is rather obvious. Even the adult cat has large eyes in relation to head size which quietly hints at ‘baby’!

The other, which is not discussed, is the young adult feline form. The lithe, slender, mysterious and athletic form of the domestic cat.

There is a similarity with the way a model walks down the cat walk (note the overlapping terminology) at a designer fashion show and the way a young cat walks across the room to nonchalantly rub against your leg and then walk off. It is that confident insolance and independence which chimes well with the image of the young women making her way in the world.

We are talking about youth here so perhaps I should say that feline anatomy is attractive to young women but older women can still find it enviable; the recapturing of youth.

We can refer to the cat breeds to see how women’s attraction to cats is based on these two facets: baby or slender, lithe body.

The top breed for years in the USA was the Persian; a squat, rounded cat with large eyes and fluffy fur. This cat is a feline version of the human baby.

The Siamese is described as ‘foreign‘ and ‘oriental’ by the cat fancy; hints of the exotic and of Asia. This breed has an extremely slender appearance, almost taken directly from the modern skinny models which some people complain promotes anorexia.

Here there is an overlap between cat and young woman. It is women who decide what these cats look like as they run the cat fancy. What they consider desirable in the form and shape of cat breeds reflects what they consider desirable for themselves and women.

When you throw in the plumed tail of, say, the Somali cat (long-haired Abyssinian) you have that extra flourish, almost as if the lady is wearing a fancy hat at the races.

Of the wild cats, the serval is particularly popular with women who like to domesticate it. The serval is the most leggy and slender of all the wild cats. No surprise then.

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  1. Large and robust cats are typically male and sought by males. They are rarely attractive to human females who prefer a furry imitation of themselves.

  2. I’m not maternal (never have been) and I prefer large,robust cats than lithely built ones. The irony being that if I were a cat I would be of ‘foreign’ build because I’m tall and slim.

    What I like best about cats is their semi-wild nature. I enjoy the challenge of winning their trust and friendship.

    • Bang goes my theory then 😉 . I don’t think you are a completely typical women if you don’t mind me saying so. I think you are better than the typical woman! You are more into character than appearance. A good thing.

      • …. or maybe my preference for the Ragdoll and Maine Coon, means I secretly wish I had their long, luxurious hair, with a little more meat on my bones… and I do (lol).

        You’re not the first person to say that I’m not typical of most women, and I acknowledge it’s true. I guess I’m fairly self assured and have always been independent natured from a very young age. (Was often described as a child who knows her own mind.) Maybe thats why I relate to cats because we share some of the same character traits. We’re strong willed and it can take time to win our trust, but when you do, we are a loyal friend for life 🙂

        I agree with you that there seems to be more of a natural affinity between women and cats. Studies suggest that in addition to the maternal factor you mentioned, it may also be because both are better at reading subtle body language.

  3. Ofcourse.
    We love our own and unique anatomy that no man will ever bother to know. Such idiots! But, we are at fault too, because we won’t tell them what to do to make us happy.
    Some may be really be capable of following directions.
    We relate to feline girls, because they are always so violated, and we want to help them so badly.

      • Excellent, Michael. Perfection from the naive babyface right down to the “bad girl strut”. Women are really very attracted to females, even feline girls. Females possess the same sort of qualities that all females possess. They are drawn to the speciality that they possess in themselves.

  4. Michael_This article is so true. Women gravitate towards the lovely feline.Sort of an extension of themselves ; within their close circle of acceptable friends. The more beautiful…the more self confident the steward [ woman may feel.] Just a wild guess on my part, but I do feel more complete when my cats are in the same room with me or around the house , and I love to show them off and praise their best qualities and purrfect behaviors. I am very nurturing to each of them too.
    Eva says’-


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