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  1. Bottom line and last post…
    Barbara will caretake her cats wherever allowed.
    You are not lord and dictator of anything.
    Go and live your life. Cats are the least of your concerns today.

  2. Dear DEE,
    I am writing to you and need to ask you a favor… I am sure that you have been reading some of the massages exchanged in the past few days. Like I have stated I am very well content by the fact that Barbara and her Surrogate Cat feeders (like Gustavo)lately feeding the stray cats not on our property but at the gate of the neighboring Nursery’s Property. Nursery, meaning Plant nursery and not any animal Nursery.
    But we still have some problem with Barbara, the Cat woman.! She resent the fact that she and her cat feeding rituals have bee relegated by a High ranking official by a Mr. Phil Rizzo. She hates me for that order made by Mr. Phil Rizzo , so much so that she run out of the room where we had this meeting. This is why the anymosity flares up from time and I am time to time involved in attempt to make her understand her position. She, to this day argues that I am illegal and that I am not a President of the Tenant Association and to this day she argues there is no CFR 245.10 which would sanction the establishment of the Tenant Association…!
    What I would like to ask you, cuse I sence that you have some influence on her, to ask you to find Title 24 and Part 245 — CFR 245.10 and explain to her what you find and what it means. Actually I think she knows about that this Law exsists hovewer she is playing cute and pretends that she believes it does not exists this way her actions emanating from ignorance can be and will be forgiven. She is pretty clever and manipulative, she has totally under her spell the previous manager worked here: Her name was Michell Zant. She , Barbara instructed Mrs. Zant to write me letters because it is against company rules to sent so many complaints…! I gave her a copy of the First Amendment to the Constitution… She quit and moved out within three days. So please help me and if you have axcess to a library or find that Title 24 and CFR 245.10 on the internet explain it to her what it means…! Lisa, the current manager declined to gave her these Federal rules. I do not know why…
    Thanking you for your attention to this matter
    Very truly yours

  3. Thank you Dee, thanks for telling them to shut up, and live Anonymous alone.!
    At last someone can show some respect for the gentleman.

  4. To HVD: Sorry I can not fulfil your curiosity, I can not send you the documentation you are asking for until my cyber guru help me to adjust the scanning program on my printer
    I have an Epson Work Force WF2530, Have to download the program again…!Be patient please! Your dream will come trough. Right now I am happy if I can get it make copies..


    • Not necessary anymore, Paul. I have a WF 2540 piece of sh-t myself.
      The bottom line is that Barb or no one else will be responding to you. It would be in your best interest to present yourself to the State Attorney’s Office and rant as much as you want. They have received years of documentation about this issue and would be interested in talking with you.

  5. DEE says she do not know or have no idea what PC 422 has to do with anything ?
    She types out the Text of PC422. Greatfull for that, In short: PC 422 means it is a crime to threaten some ones life, and as I stated she did just that, she, meaning the Cat Lady Barbara has threatened my life a few days ago and it has been reported.
    Lets add up who does criminal acts ? Dee HVD. !

  6. Just to recognize the Irony of all that, — That lady has offered to me $300.00 to save her the trouble of moving with the Church…I have been able to save her the trouble to move. The Church has agreed to drop the Eviction process if she signs a promise — never to feed the cats on the Church’s property ! Also she had to pay back to the Church the Filing Fee.! She was happy and thanked that I’ve helped her.

  7. Michael, Just think…!
    I have lived in many different Apartments, and I have never seen cats — most recently on a 5 Acer land owned by a Church Organization, had 32 Apartments on the land and I lived in one of the Apartments. A High ranking Reverend thrown rocks at the cats that wondered onto the property. And a woman who was suspected, … Just suspected not seen to feed the cats has received a Summons for Eviction within 3 days, how about that? I am not the weirdo here , Guess who IS?

      • (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison.
        (b) For purposes of this section, “immediate family” means any spouse, whether by marriage or not, parent, child, any person related by consanguinity or affinity within the second degree, or any other person who regularly resides in the household, or who, within the prior six months, regularly resided in the household.
        (c) “Electronic communication device” includes, but is not limited to, telephones, cellular telephones, computers, video recorders, fax machines, or pagers. “Electronic communication” has the same meaning as the term defined in Subsection 12 of Section 2510 of Title 18 of the United States Code.
        – See more at: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/PEN/3/1/11.5/s422#sthash.MEtacaLd.dpuf

  8. it’s Happy Valentine day for all my lovely, well fed, happy little fur kids. Also thanks all for your comments, Dee you are a force to be reckoned with, (I love it) thank you for all the info. Michael ……you are a very special man and I wish you lived closer, (THX for everything, Michael. Be Bop, you make great sense! Kenn, I remember what you said a few years ago and thanks to contributing to a great cause. Precious Kitties from ‘da hood, where are your brother’s and sisters, cousins’,will they ever contribute here??? and by the way……..Who IS your Daddy? hahahahah MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, purrrrrfect.

    • HVD, Barb.
      I got your info. Just have no time right now.
      Have no fear. He will be stopped.
      I have already contacted the S.A. Office in your area.
      Please let me know if anyone sees him in your garden, near your home, near your car.
      I, especially, want to have copies of any posts from today and beyond that he makes on your blog or facebook.
      He’s just a hair away from jail today.

  9. youza capn catz shizm
    youza hateza usza???????? whatza did I everza doo to youza? do my poo? (everything that has life , poo’s) youza poop too,bet big big, big poopsza???? We never , never go near youza or your garden., Momma sez, “stay away, my precious ones, stay away from him and don’t do poops in his garden, ahhhhh cmon’ man , you know which garden it is????? The one wit da great big fence, with wire on it, wit 2 cat scare away devices, oucheee my ears hurtza so bad when I hear that!! how canz we even go nearz zat “garden” Da noisza hurtza our ears. real Mean I really iza ascared of youza and youza were mean to me , no more pleasza! pleaza

      • Youza betcha we dooza. Thanx to youza and your mahhhhvelous web-site. Thank you Michael for lovin’ us and being a voice for all ‘da catz everywhere. Why can’t we all just get along together, why is there ugly people like this bad, bad human in “our” World (we waz here first, youza know dat?) Peoples like him, like hurtin us and blamin it all on poop. He poops too. Then he tries to hurt our only human friends, wez don’t likes bein’ outside, we wantz to have a home, wit someonz to love us, but peoples like him threw us away and left us behind and want us all dead, because therza too many of usza. We didn’;t create the problem, humans did!!! Thks Michael

  10. oh does he know his penal codes, most people aren’t even concerned about all these penal codes unless they are good guys (lawyers, Judges) or bad guys (criminals and liars) YOU ARE THE LATTER! lots and lots of time at the Library, and of course you know all about “bribes’ too. Who even thinks about this stuff???? People who try to exploit and get other’s in trouble like “rat finks”, that’s who!!!! and they don’t last long in the joint.
    Golly , you have told on yourself again, just read all these posts, you have written, doesn’t take an idiot to know who you are,and what you been up to in the past 50 yrs, not good, not good! Even Sammy, your ex liar,I meant Lawyer.

  11. The jerk never comes in any contact with any of the cats to get any kind of cat diseases. If any one should have Bartonella it would be cat lady. I see he has terrible hygiene that may in fact contribute to his “red eye” and skin rashes he picks his nose all the time, that finger is searching for boogers constantly, yuck , disgusting manners, I had to see that, the highest amount of staph germs live in the nose. P hew Phew!!!! , what a stench he has when I passed him or he came out of the elevator.

    • hay youza Cap’n Cat shi za?
      hEy youza think youza is bettern me?? why izza yyouza can’t stopza ? youza think youza shit ice cremza????? PU you ol, BEDBUG! Geddy yup and get da hell outta dis place for ‘da catzzzz!youza iza keepin’ us from our Mission in life. Youza issa taking away our freedom (our rights to be free) , weza be free to roam, check it out wit ‘da law stick that in your captain hat Capn Shiza( and all da Kitties say Hey HOOOOOOOO!!) we be free to roam , nah nah nah nah nah!! .purrrrrrrrrrrrrr meowza MMomma sezz she izzza gonna write a book about all youza and her and even a whole cast of characters , she needza some peeps (like we to give her some more ideas and wezza all gonna be eating even better then ever.MEOW purrrfect. and weeza all fearin youza for all youza and herza done to usza (with rocks and big hard pinecombs hittin usza every dayza mosta times. Moma sez she saw it , so did other tenants.

        • Oh Michael , dat is da wayz a cat talkz, didn’t yaz ever see it on Facebook.
          Thanks for caring for Buttercup, Michael.
          I thought everyone knew “cat talk”

          • Michael
            It has a name, it’s call CATANESE If you listen especially well , our kitties have their own way of talking, hahahahaha thanks for answering XOXO
            Ah , the mystique of the CAT. LOVE THEM ALL ……….I am learning to think like one. Anonymouse , should treat his self to a cute movie instead of ranting with anger, Cat Lady with Angelina Jolie. I absolutely loved it!

  12. THERE IS NO TENANT PRESIDENT , Dee He made his self the president and everybody walked out after hearing his non-stop ranting about cats and Barbara, (BULLYING) now he continues it on my Blog, harassing me. IT’S NONE OF HIS BUSINESS WHAT I DO, BEING KEPT UNDERSURVELLENCE BY HIM IS A CRIME on the internet and in the common area of this building

  13. So it’s another wonder filled day at Plummer Village. Hiya Dee, sorry to read that you are now bearing the brunt of the “hater’s” insanity. Not to worry, he believes in destroying the competition and knows NO BOUNDARIES! Any time I want I can have him whisked right off this web site,so that is definitely a GOOD THING but I am putting him on probation, hahahaha to see if he will behave his self and stop and maybe just try to discuss things like a person with logic (although I believe he has a false memory syndrome, believes his own lies,) that along with his god complex , thinking he can “Dictate” to other’s what he wants them to do and not do, has really run amuck, Oh my badness what is a cat lover to do with the likes of this utter and complete nonsense and fabrications/LIES.

  14. To DEE: You are miss-informed, lady. According to a Brochure given to us by the Secretary of HUD…!Let me quote to you a line from that brochure:
    “Along with your Owner/management agent , you play an important role in making your place of residence– the unit(apartment), the GROUNDS and other common areas– a better place to live and in creating a community you can be proud of”.
    May be that you like cat feces, and may be you put some on your toast for Breakfast, it is your choice and I suspect that may be the case here. Here, the Manager may be an immigrant from wherever you come from, like Rumania or Turkey, he is not to decide what is going to happened here, we — the tenants have that privilege that we can vote what we are going to have , or have not, and we decided that we do not want feral cats. It is too bad for Barbara, she was in the minority way down in the minority who voted for the cats !!
    That is why we organized and formed a Tenant Association so we can collectively decide what we, the majority want. This is not a Privately owned property, HUD financed and paid for the financing of the re building an old building built in 1984 HUD decides what is best, not a private fat landlord. Comprende? Dee
    Barbara from up in the third floor apartment, she liked the garden and decided to give it to the feral cats, we decided .. not so fast Barbara, Cat lady. ! That is why the Cat lady hates me, I was the one who organized the tenants here and she is the one has to go get help from a mental expert. Please do not encourage and talk her into do anything violent, I am afraid some one will do just do that. She has been threatening me to whack me mafia style like some one will wack me.. !
    California Penal Code 422.4
    An other district manager told her after she complained to him that I was “stalking ” her… he said to go and file Restrainng order against me.. the Cat Woman, and she did, she had no Idea what it was but she like the world “stalking” ever since, I am staking her…! His name was Denis Scott, he has taken bribes together with Melonie he is not here any longer.

    Some scientist suspect that there are some bacteria in the cat feces that affects the Human mind in a way that it makes humans like cats .. an explaination to hoarding of 100’s of cats, it makes old ladies keep wanting to hoard more and more cat, like you do, how old are you ?
    Time to reflect lady..!


    • Dee , You reflect nothing but goodness and mercy to me. I am pleased to meet you, keep up the good work!!!! Bet he is asking you how old you are, so he can discriminate against you liking cats , age discrimination and misogynist, hates women, jealous and afraid of them. You are younger then springtime and it’s NOT HIS BUSINESS again! Talk about trampling over other’s boundaries?? Under his authority no one is free! Wonder why he is baiting us so much? So he can sue someone for discrimination. Bet that was how he made money when he never had a job. He took a patent from someone, that is his claim to fame, changed someone’s patent , all it took was to change one little thing and then he claimed it. Heard that from someone who knows all about patents. It was made before he was even born. Yet that’s his claim to fame.

    • Caretaking ferals isn’t hoarding, anonimus. No one just goes out and plucks ferals from their habitats to bring home. They are just in existence where they are.
      And, to answer your very intrusive age question… I am not old; but, you are.
      And, I am an American.
      You are, both, a physical and cyber stalker. Each is a criminal offense.
      I don’t believe that you are an organizer of anything. But, prove me wrong. Please scan and post a copy of any Tenant Association document that cites you as founder or president.

          • I believe he talked to everyone in the Corporation and they really thought he was a reputable person. All he told the Vice President of this Company,and the Supervisors who never met me or saw my living conditions was that I was a really crazy cat lady and you know that these pathologicals individuals can twist the truth and lie like the devil, he manipulated them all, until they met me, and were completely surprised that I was not at all like those lies he told Gov’t and HUD Corporation/management, Gov’t agencys to accomplish his goal of having the cats all trapped and taken to a shelter and euthanized (after they were TNR’d , vaccinated (Bartonella and rabies vaccines) He would have accomplished his goal and then snickered and laughed, and thrown a pepperoni pizza party it was always advertised on the Flyers and of course , the sporty guy he is, he would have paid for the pizza, to pack the non English speaking people into the meetings, there was one Korean who was outspoken and hated cats too, he used her as his “star witness” as she could speak English and Korean well, otherwise, out of 75 tenants , there were only about 9 or 10 people and his friends (Hungarian immigrants as his self) were about 3 or 4. He never gave a rats ass about any of these tenants, just about me and the cats. Finally people stopped coming and toward the very end 3 people walked out, sick of hearing about ,cats cats cats and the diseases and Barbara the cat woman incessant lies and bullying. He wrote several letter that were found in trash room along with a few other incriminating information about him) about the poor Koreans and how they’re getting diseases all over their vegetables and it’s all my fault, because of the cats. There are only 3 other people who have put fences around their gardens because they really believed his relentless tales about diseases cats carry. Please contact Michael Broad and he will give you my e-mail and then perhaps my cell #. You understand that he (anonymess) would just love to have my e-mail for further harrassement, so I don’t want to put it online. Told me a few years ago , I was the only person who’s phone # he didn’t have and I should give it to him. Really a very intrusive and invasive indidual as you can see through out this cat blog. I have already had to block him from FB as one of his friends told me in front of where we feed the cats , (she slipped with this) Oh, so you’re Barbara, you look just like your photo, I said “what?? how do you know me?? she said “I saw your Picture on FB” , Paul showed me. Imagine that feeling I had??? That was 3 yrs ago. So as you see , this guy has invaded my privacy again and again and no repercussions for him, so he thinks he can just keep abusing me. The company passes the buck and doesn’t want to get involved. The police have done zero despite the fact I was attacked in this building by his girl friend with chili pepper. I feel that if I was perpetuating these atrocitys I would have been in jail by now and/or evicted. I am leaning toward a discrimination suit as he stated in a post “she is the minority here” Dee, I could go on and there is much more , garden invaded nightly, last manager and 4 witnesses saw him in my garden and just like the sign , My goose is cooked, all swept under the rug, cat feces on my table in my garden, garden hoses slashed car tires slashed and flattened AND STILL IT GOES ON, now Anonymus is “flaming” on my Cat blog.

  15. To Dee! Have you ever scooped up by your bear hand cat feces from your garden, — Well, I have seen Barbara do that.! Have you ever rubbed out from a cats eye the puss with your bear finger? I have seen the Cat woman do that..! Have you ever had cat scratch fever– (Red Eye)? Well, I had red eye four (4) times.! Do you know what is a Bartonella Bacteria ? Have you ever been suffering from Bartonella infection ? Well I have and I have been in hospital for two (2) weeks.! That Bacteria will not kill you but it will take you down, loose your appetite and make you loose weight !! It puts you through the ringer..!
    When that bacteria first jumped on to the Human population it killed 40000 people in Peru. That was before the medication of Anty biotic was discovered.! Get on your web and do some research before you want to order a Cat woman to take some one down..! Stalking? stalking is Cat woman’s best preoccupation, and she will accuse you of stalking when you stand in line for an Ice cream cone.. ahead of her…!!

    • Yes, anonimus, I have done all that and more.
      Please scan and post you hospital record regarding your cat scratch fever episode.
      Turn me into a believer.

  16. This should be a reply to that woman called Dee from Florida…She is itching to get noticed…Well, I noticed her..! I would like her to introduce herself…What is your name !? Who is your Daddy ? How big is your garden.. How many Feral cats you have in your Garden, ? who cleans up your garden after the cats defecated on your garden?
    So far I have not seen anything the Catwoman blog-ed that would cause any normal person to send a massage like TAKE HIM DOWN BARABARA, what is your motive Dee ! ?
    You like the cats? or you like Barbara more..? Please reply!

    • My name is Dee. Gardens in your complex are “community”. You do not have ownership.

      I caretake approximately 60 ferals. They defecate wherever the hell they want.
      You are a renter, not an owner. That means that my cats can defecate on your magnolias as much as they want.

      I don’t know Barbara at all. But, what I know is that you are in need of help.
      You are seriously disturbed.

  17. Is that an invitation? — to reply Mr. Michael Broad..? You are not afraid that it will be a reply you may not like to have the public to see..?
    You are a brave man!

    • hahahaha now he threatening the moderator, when are you going to stop threatening people/cats Captain???? Is that why you wear that dumb hat, why didn’t you wear it to Court, maybe next time? huh?????

  18. That is really funny, first intruding on the lives of 75 tenants with 14 feral (wild) cats and than when some one objects, she crys for help, like: Help me I am victimized, I did not do anything wrong, …! He is mean to me for objecting, he does not have right to object, please help me ! he does not speak good English, he has luggages , help me, help me help me…! May be I am going for that restraining order, may be if I lie I will get that order, hell I have for withnisess, they all budies they all have cats they know how to stick up for one other cat loving person, even the Manager Melonie… She is willing to stick up for meee! I will just call him an animal heater maybe people from all over the world will stick up for me, may be they will donate some money for me, may be I ask Michael to set up an account where people can send some moneyyyy! That would be wonderful…!I just keep acting like a victim, people will love me, I just keep lieing about anonimus !

  19. Dee, I believe in “live and let live” . I never want to be responsible for someone’s misery. Everyone says “his day will come”. I find it particularly difficult to hurt people on purpose (like he does). I have never been in a Court room (other then when I took him up for a restraining order, because it was too much dealing with his sorry ass back then. It’s way over the top now. I can understand completely how VIP’s feel about paparrazi now and how they challenge your privacy and intrude on your personal business. Thank God my childhood dream never came to “fruition” and I didn’t become the actress I wanted to be as a child.I don’t know what I would have done if faced with this relentless individual back then Thank you God for not answering my prayers if this is any idea of what I would have needed to go through. So actually I am looking at this now as this guy is not normal, hating him and exacting revenge is just what he feeds on, it’s a bizarre way of him getting the attention he is so hungry for, as all Sociopaths/Psychopaths desire complete domination and control. It’s just the way they are wired. Blame it on a faulty upbringing, a neurological imbalance, beat up too much as child, perhaps a priest or someone in authority took advantage of him as a child, so now he has an ax to grind with what he perceives as the weaker sex and small animals. He has given me much in the way of a complete psychological profile of abusers. I have earned a psychology degree because of him. H’s done me a favor, my intuition about these types of personality disorders is always right on target now. I have no doubts or fear of this sub-human species, just a pathetic sympathy for someone who is so unevolved and can’t make his brain work properly, (it’s STUCK, like a computer going over the same thing day after day) No peace for him , sad isn’t it to hate , which really is fear, only two emotions Love and Fear, he is riddled with fear. tsk tsk poor boy.

    • Barbara…
      If you aren’t already doing it, keep a detailed log of his activities. Print out his pictures and all of his stalking comments everywhere. Make particular note of any behaviors that may indicate abuse, like throwing rocks at cats or chasing them. Also, pray that he posts a view of your behind. How rich would that be?
      Go to the State Attorney’s Office with what you have. Also, take a witness friend along if you can. Request that he be Baker Acted. That means that he must be held for around 72 hours for a complete mental health exam. It will, also, give the State Attorney’s Office time to review what you brought in order to determine if criminal charges can be brought forward.

      • DEe
        I have everything documented since 2008 and pictures. Thank you Dee, this all started in 2007, then went full speed ahead when our Manager left here. He went on a crusade to build a case, no one found any cat feces on the property, The Corporation was called to investigate! He went from getting petitions up to have me evicted for feeding the kitties, animal control officers were called on me and my home investigated (she said the cats are just lovely and well taken care of). Makin his self the head a tenant association as a President with the intent of humiliating me and platering flyers (I have each one) all over this building. Used a sign to say in big red letters with all the HUD documents and rules in the Community room ……READ THIS , BARBARA , YOUR GOOSE IS COOKED, luckily because of a friend, I have pictures and copys of the sign but it was taken down by the manager when I got downstairs the next morning. (This kind of harassment should NEVER have gone on in a HUD building!!!My garden was trashed and water dishes were thrown into a schoolyard daily. My car was vandalized with flat tires , as was the manager who didn’t agree with him to further his cause (we know who he hired to do that) he bragged to my friend , (willing to testify) about ‘getting rid of all the cats “ya don’t see any cats around here lately do ya, hahahahah, and much and many other incidents by him and his 2 friends who gang stalked me.
        I have done my part over the past five years and feed them at the Nursery, the Manager told me, the cat issue is dead here at PV (along with 7 mysterious cat deaths) investigated him and knew he was shady and defensive. He has clung to bringing this up over and over to anyone/everyone within ear shot. His obsession knows no boundaries, just a relentless individual with much to much time on his hands trying desperately to make my life miserable and continue ranting and making trouble about cats. Even going to the Nursery (where we feed them0 to monitor and complain to owner for us to stop feeding our cats. My elder neighbor who lived next door , asked me to feed them flor her as she was suffering from emphesema, when I first moved in, this how it all started.He only threw her dishes away, never did disrespect and be so hateful as with me, but it’s because I am younger and still look quite well and he thought he was going to boss me around, scare me into sub mission, get the upper hand. Shame me into not feeding the cats. Sorry Charlie, nobody bosses me!!! . So he set out to hurt what I loved and cared for, to get me back for not “knuckling down” to his idiotic demands that I let the cats I was feeding starve to death. I have loads of documents and pictures and a letter proving his Vendetta against me. I do not want trouble but I will not stand by and take any more abuse from him and ready to BUST this thing wide open, for all to see, even the Press. I write well, I am passionate about living creatures, he has destroyed my trust in humans pretty much.

  20. I have a few picture of her, frontal and from behind… if she ask me I will not ask Michael to post the picture from the one of her behind, but you have to ask me nice…!


  21. Yes, one day about seven years ago I have stumbled onto this page where a person called Barbara, bragging abut her having a “colony” of cats on a property managed by HUD ! You have what…? A Colony of 14 cats ? And the manager named Melaney was supportive of her activity …!!Meloney who since quit, force-quit for taking bribes, who herself was a cat lover and who had herself two (2) smuggled spotted cat illegaly smuggled into this country living with her in the apartment provided to her by the company! She, Meloney once told me that if you do not like to clean the cat feces .. may be you should move out.! Some nerve to say that to me…? Well cat carma will kick you in.. you know where..before you could say boo, she was out of sight, she has gotten fired…!Good for her..!
    Of course, Barbara the Cat woman was indignant about ..me finding the web page where she was bragging about her activity on a HUD supported Property. And ever since – she is hell bent to get rid of me! She was not blaming herself for getting discovered she blames the discoverer for discovering her activity.. Tipical of her.!! This is the history of Barbara the Cat woman..
    Now the reader will understand where her hatred comes from.. I was the one who has taken issue of her activity with the feral cats on our property,– if I was not here – she dreams, all would be well and she would still enjoy watching her cats using our garden for a latrine and would be happy to see the old folks cleaning after her colony of cats. Now she is pschiking herself into be a victim of mine..
    like that I am stalking her every time we cross our path she accusing me of Stalking her, so much so that one time I waited for the elvator wanting to go upstairs, and guess what happened when Barbara the cat woman stepped out from the elevator that just arrived, ..? she yelled out that : you are stalking at me..you better stop stalking at me..! How could have I stalked her, there was no way I could known that she is in the elevator coming down , yes? It does not matter to her she said that I was stalking at her…! It is a good point, yes , if she wanted to file a restraining order for stalking her..? It is a stalking if she said so !! She did file for a restraining order on that basis..Sorry for her — the Judge did not agree with her and the Judge DENIED her petition. Jet she is still claiming ever since that I am in violation of that restraining order DENIAL !…!


    • Good grief, anonimus !
      Let it go!
      Stop with your hatred and stalking before you are behind bars again! From the comments and the pictures I see, you are close to being arrested as a stalker or potential threat.
      Do something else with the remainder of your very short life.
      Live the rest in freedom instead of in a cellblock.

      • actually, Anonymess’s lawyer told me “ah Barbara, I love animals too, I have 5 dogs, look, this guy has some mnetal problems, he doesn’t even know why he is here, he is “senile”, c’mon, have a heart and don’t press charges, c’mon life is too short and I love animals too. blah blah blah!!! Never even went before the judge! His lawyer talked me out of it! My friend got angry as hell that I had mercy on anonymess and still tells me to this date , “ya see , you wanted to be nice and where did it get you!!! Anonymouse stop with all the lies, Michael ………make him go away, and play with someone else. Obsessed sicko

    • hahahahaha he stumbled on my WEB SITE ! Now that is a riot , you idiot! just too funny. How does some one stumble on billions of web-sites and blogs. You have to be searching for me THAT’S STALKING, Don’t you ever wonder how this is going to turn out for you???

  22. I resent, to say the least that the cat woman keeps making falls statements about me, I have never advocated eutanization of any cats
    I only want her cats out of our garden, and since she is feeding them (her cats) on the property next door I am happy and I am only going there to check that she is in fact feeding her cats there.!
    She does not like that, I guess she resents and embarrast for me to see that after all the fighting she obeys the company policy about the cat feeding . She hates me for that and she keeps sending notes to everyone, lies about me and I guess she enjoys reading that they supporting her. She is after all a guardian “angel” of feral cats.
    If angels look like her in haven, than I do not want to go to haven…! Thank you Michael !


  23. THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH, IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING! and doing nothing about Captain and his lady friend. (I have her pics too)prospered for so long here at PV that you in January of 2015 were “back at it again” on my blog AGAIN!, Feral cats of North Hills. I guess you thought that no one would notice and you were just going to bully me some more, HEY CAPT, I know the game by heart now, it’s called You hurt something/someone that I love (cats/Gustavo and I’m not supposed to get angry, you trample over my rights and I just take it on the chin again. c’mon Cap,find something else to do with your life instead of obsessing over mine.

      • Thanks Dee, very sadly too that he will never “get it”. How to win friends and influence people. I have no respect for a man that bullies women and defenseless animals. He is not a man! He is a coward, Too bad he doesn’t live where my friends live back East. He would never have gotten away treating a woman so disrespectfully. He would have learned to have manners and stop pushing people around, ganging up and bullying. But…… that is Liberal California for you, the Wild, wild West, where anything goes, this is why our once great Country is now circling the drain. My friends warned me about moving here, but I didn’t listen.
        Just let everyone come to America and commit crimes and make deals with politicians , be a rat fink to get your sentence reduced and come out of these institutions with a degree in how to use the system and be dishonest, all the while trying to destroy decent people who have worked hard all their life, while these loosers spend their time, not working, but living off the system and with all the time they have on their hands , they use it to hurt others and discourage their efforts at good will. I say Anonymouse, had the time to learn how to spell and speak correctly, he didn’t care about that, it wasn’t important to him. But “getting over” on people and using and abusing them (learnt in these institutions)lying, manipulating, phony lawsuits and money is all that matters to these unevolved species of free loaders in America. oh , I could go on but just look at that face and you will see the cowardly lion who is above the law, has no close friends and money is his god!

  24. I have given you permission, Michael to put this trespasser and cyber stalker, who continues to rant on my personal blog, over to what ever you would deem as appropriate to do. Even the cyber police. He is a stalker and needs to be held responsible for over stepping his boundaries, in my personal life and on my personal blog.

    This is him:

    cat hater

    cat hater

    • I have added the photos of him to your comment. Would you like me to make a page, as well, entitled “Cat Hater” or something like that and feature the photos on it? Or would you like it featured in the article that you wrote on this page? Whatever you wish I’ll do it.

      • You may do what ever you feel is necessary to do to get him to stop (you did one time before) He’s been trying too hard to engage me to “dance with him” in other words, spew his hatred in a forum that is FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE/LIKE CATS and like to share that love. I did not intend this blog to be used as a place to “spar” and defend my self against his cyber bullying, cyber harrasment and cyber-stalking He searched my name on a search engine years back and found this Blog/ web-site. It has been 7 long years putting up with this relentless troublemaker. I am not his “business” and neither are the cats, he considers evil and vile, and to be eliminated from this neighborhood, because he says so and also his seeing to it that I will be sleeping under a bridge (evicted) for feeding them!(just plain cruel). I have absolutely no use for that kind of dictatorship here, there or anywhere! Pushing his way into people’s homes to sign a petition against me and the cats!! People who couldn’t even understand English!!. How damn mean of him. If he cares so much about all the elderly people here yet I never see him helping them, never!! not once!! a ride to the store? help with a neighbor’s computer? a friendly game of chess with a buddy?? a nice conversation instead of harping on to everyone and anyone who will listen about Barbara and the cats incessantly!! GET YOUR OWN LIFE AND STAY OUTTA MINE, Captain. Guess the captain hat makes him feel like he can boss people around, huh?? Nah, not me!!!!! Never!

        • Thanks B. By the way, you comment was held up by the website (not me) as it did not recognise you. Perhaps you changed your email address or something. Your comments are always published immediately.

  25. The Cat woman attempting to mix up who wrote what.. ?
    To straighten facts out.. It was Michael who wrote to me that he can not find the remark made by someone calling herself or calling himself a “good friend of the Cat woman” on the date of July 17, 2014 On that date of July 17 someone suggested that somone should have waited for anonimus in ambush by someone feeding the cats at night with her mail friend and anonimus should have been wacked at, Maffia style and poison should have been showed down his throat ..!! This remark I have printed out and showed it to the Manager for her to see what kind of a malishes people are we dealing with who pretends to be Guardian Angels for Feral cats, and making plans to Whack people Maffia style ..!
    Michael sent me a letter of appologie for not being able to find that message, may be I should send you a printed copy…? The more serious fact is Michael that you are friendly with people like the Cat woman — like Barbara . She pretends to be a cat loving good person, yet she disregard all the evidences pointing to the dangers the cats represent for the elderly people, and concocting all kinds of reasons my demand to clear our garden from her cats … as mean spirited and by that she enjoys the friendship of people who believes her. She does not respect anyting or anyone who has been trying to reason with her. I am too old to go much further to go trough this writing abouth the truth .

    • I am sorry but I am with the lady on this. You have hounded her and harassed her and for that reason, with regret (but it had to be done), I have published your photo on the site as a certified cat hater. You’ll see it. You can’t harass people like that particularly nice and decent people. It is wrong and it is quite possibly a crime. Leave her alone, please. Please learn to live with your neighbors in a sociable manner.

  26. It is sent Michael, I even placed a caption of what is going thru his mind hahahahaha! He went into the managers office and printed out that conversation by a friend of mine from July 17th, she put it in his file so he is lying again to you, about not being able to find it. He is nothing but a troublemaker and obsessive/compulsive maniac with too much time on his hands. Maybe, just maybe , this will give him the incentive to mind his own damn business (no matter how small it is) Just sick of this guy and his big nose in my personal business and no one can do anything about it. I am really angry that all this crap he has put us thru was swept under the table. Well, no more! Had enough of his cyber stalking, harrasement, etc etc , too many years of it! I’m ready for his insanity now.

    • I am pleased you are fighting back. It’ll make you feel better. It said that the best way to deal with bullies is to fight back. I have got your email and the photo and have asked you to confirm that you want me to go ahead. Then I’ll upload it.

  27. Dear Michael..!
    I am still looking for your explaination..about the remark made by someone under the title “Good friend of the CatLady” dated July 17 or July 18
    There is a statement like: a suggestion that they should have waited with her mail friend until he (annonimus) gets closer and than “Wack” him mafia style and force poison down his throat…! I am sure you can find this massage.. just may be there is no way you can explane how did it get published…?!I believe I have fore warned you that you should not believe everything the cat lady telling you about my activity.. she is an instigator and fighting tooth and nail and (Blog) to do harm to me.. you would not believe the things she does: She drives down to Irvine , that is where the corporate offices are.. she said that I placed a five pound bag of cat food on her garden “just to set” her up so that the big wigs of the company will see that she has the cat food or whatever reason she said that I put that bag of cat food there.. Yet we , me and my friend have seen with our own eyes that it was brought on the property and placed it on her area by the fellow named Gustavo, that is the fellow she “entertains” in her apartment frequently.. he is the guy who one time jumped on my case and kept yelling at me on front of the apartment building and threatened me for Causing Barbara, the cat lady – trouble and he is going to be me my enemy for ever..! Well, this is the guy who brought the bag of cat food and placed it on the picnic table where Barbara feeds them cats. She told this bag of ‘cat food’ story to a district manager named Cortney Duval, she told me that Barbara told her that… It was a questionable and “stupid” attempt to set me up — that I was going to set her Up due to the fact that she was allowed to feed the cats next door at the Nursery anyway! Cortney said that she does not believe her story, no need for me to say a thing..! Sorry for the long story, it is just some exemple of what I had to contend with..!
    Very truly yours..!

    • Hi, I am sorry but I can’t find the remark you refer to but don’t let’s dwell on that. I am happy to let you comment. Let’s move on.

      If I have written something which is wrong or unfair I apologise.

      If you can find the exact comment and explain to me concise what’s wrong with it please do so but in the meantime, let’s press on and forget about it.

      • MICHAEL
        This is the type of mentality (anonymice) that is responsible for the kill centers in USA that take the lives of innocent animals ,who thru no fault of their own are slaughtered daily in this Country. I say this guy is vile and has not evolved as human
        loves to shed innocent blood, sees animals as something to be disgarded at a whim. Let him go live somewhere that isn’t free!

          • Hi Michael
            It’s come to my attention from some friends that read my blog that the “ol Boy” from Plummer Village is at it again. He is like a runaway train, HE CAN”T STOP!!!!. No matter how much “sense” you try to talk to him about the cats (which are a dead issue here at PV) but “old Boy” will continue to resurrect it over and over to managers, Company people, Gov’t agencys. He is relentless in his OCD. I have several pictures of him and you will be shocked to see that he actually makes Woody look like a choir boy as despicable as that human trash, Woody is! Michael, you just can’t make this stuff up, these are the sick humans that make other people sad, mad, angry demons that stalk the world looking for innocent creatures to abuse and torment, because they are cowards and have no respect for people, they feign it , like Anonymice does, so people think he’s a nice guy and concerned about the poor old people that are dying from cat disease at PV (what insanity , he speaks!!) said it once, and it goes without saying. watch out! those who hurt animals do the same to humans. I will find a pic of him and post it on your page and we can show the World “another Woody” named anonimice or what ever his terrible spelling reads.
            Thanks Michael for all the support, and let’s all keep being THE VOICE for the animals.

            • I like to expose these nasty people. They hide and they are cowards. I can’t understand what pleasure they get from their activities. It is like an OCD as you infer. If the upload does not work because the file is too large you either (a) read the instructions below the contact box or (b) email me the image and I’ll upload it to your comment.


              • Hiya Michael
                Gosh , do I have a few great pic’s, one a close up of his face pointing at me with his finger at my face as I am coming out a door (stalking) me. Actually have it blown up, so you can’t help but recognize that face of an abusive boy turned old.
                I need to fine tune somethings on my computer and I will have it off to you. A really clear and good pic of the monster who steps on other’s boundaries, who truly enjoys hurting others and especially the cats. You’ll see Woody’s “kin” as soon as I can figure out how to send it. Need to do some tweaking as some of my settings are too high. Great idea, Michael a wall of shame for animal abusers and cowards

                • You can send an size or type of picture by email to me. To upload you’ll need to check out the instructions below the comment box and there is a link to a page on reducing the image file size. I look forward to seeing this maniac.

  28. Dear Michael,
    I was referring to your item between the date of July 17 and July 18 under “a Good friend of the Cat lady”
    the massage suggested that the old anonimus should have been vacked the Mafia style , and so forth…
    You did not find that “insulting” and you have published it — but you stated that my blogs where insulting and refused to publish my Blogs. Never indicated to me what was “insulting ” and for whom ?? I feel that I am being discriminated against because I was not born in the US. Like the Good cat woman’s notes were all published, she keeps harping around anonimous’s background of 50 years old, and wether she likes it or not he has regained his civil rigts ! That is why this country so beutiful. But we do not know her back ground, she is hiding behind her husbands name or some AKA, I suspect…and she does Cosmetical and other services without valid licence.

    So the story goes…! The end.!

    • See Michael, This guy is so obsessed with Barbara, stalking and following her all time and the cats, telling anyone or everyone who will listen disparaging remarks about her along with flyers plastered all over the building about how sick she is for being humane and caring for feeding these animals with her male friend with their own money, not his money!!!!! but NO, not good enough for Paul. He wants all the cats in the world euthanized. He has come to this GREAT COUNTRY and has not learned to assimilate to our CULTURE or ( write in English). WE ALL LOVE ANIMALS we are AMERICANS, NOT JUST CATS , ALL ANIMALS. WE HELP ALL ANIMALS, WE FEED ALL ANIMALS AND IF WE DON’T SOMEONE ELSE WILL. WHO in hell, DIED AND MADE HIM (Paul )THE CEO OF THE UNIVERSE. I have a picture of him climbing up on a garden chair ( he is 81 yrs old with a disabled sticker) and putting a bird feeder up on a 8 ft branch. (been seen doing it by several people) ONCE A CRIMINAL ALWAYS A CRIMINAL. He is discriminating by feeding birds on the property and using a disabled placard to feign disability. He needs to mind his business soon or he will be knee deep in legal woes for cyber stalking/ mental anguish/harassement trashing her Garden nightly! This woman and her friends and the cats on this website. TELL HIM, WE KNOW WHO he is, and he don’t have to be anonymous! It is so obvious to everyone who knows this sick, twisted story of an obsessed cat hater, nut case who can’t stop being mean spirited and abusive), who the bad guy is here. HE SEVERELY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE , and stop with the lies and harrassment. I believe there is a paper he signed by HUD , Violence against women, this continuing obsession is screaming emotional harrasment/stalking and discrimination for 7 years now to this woman, who he is obsessed with and, he is constantly denigrating and threatening to kill the cats she feeds. . BTW ……..the neighboring property is not sold (cat woman and Gus have every right to feed cats there and will continue till every cat has lived out his/her life and the man that lives there is aware that Paul is throwing tainted food (poison) on his property along with “checking” for cats all the time and so is animal control SPCA.

        • I do have several pics of him, a few of them actually stalking me, and this is a great idea. Hopefully our Gov’t will get on board very soon with these cyberstalkers and put them where they need to be.
          Meanwhile , Michael, thank you for ALL you do for the animals. Try not to get upset over their rants and disgusting hatred. Karma will bite their ass someday. They came to this Planet and never figured it out , what a gift life is, all life!. Shame on the ignorant, unevolved cowards.What regrets will fill their pea brains at the end when it’s all over for the miserable lives they led.

  29. Here we go again Michael.We all can be civilized, and tolarate each other.
    I am , myself “is” Content by the way things worked out. The Cat lady of this tenement finally given up feeding her feral cats on our property and she feeds them almost every night next door at the entrance way of the Nursery. How long this can go that way who knows, rumors had it that the property been sold and there is going to be a new landlord…!
    I have been reading your statement of recents where you have suggested that the cat lady and her budy should take care of me the Maffia style. I have made copies of these statements…!
    Last time you sent a massage to me that my contribution to your web site does not fit to your program, you have said that it is for cat loving people and not for me…! Therefore you have refused to publish my Blogs.Some one wrote that to hate is a sin..My only sin is that I disagree with people who would jeoperdise the health of 75 elderly people for the comfort of a bunch of feral cats. You can annoyt yourself with anything you want too, question is : will it make you be able to slip through the gates of haven. ..?
    Honestly, I do not think so..!
    As it happened, two elderly people about close to 90 years old married couple, the cat woman walked with them to the area where she feds these cats, they sat there for awhile, I suspect that they have been victimized by the flees, and within a few days the old lady died, and about 2-3 months later the husband died by some mysterious causes. Old people have week immune system and cats carrie deasises in their blood which the flees transmit like it was done in the year of the years of 1500 spreading the plague of the bubonic plague causing the death of 1\3 of European population…!There it is something to think about…!

    • I am perfectly relaxed about publishing your comment. I don’t understand what you are referring to. Perhaps you might be kind enough to clarify and please provide some hard evidence. You may have written something in the past which was insulting. That would have resulted in some censorship.

  30. Well it looks like “Ol Anony”mouse” has finally learned to mind his biz as the management company nearly evicted him for his criminal behavior. They gave the ol Obsessive compulsive, ex convict 81 yr old another chance to mend his ways and stop minding everyone’s business, believe me, he has plenty of skeletons in his closet, all shaking and rattling and just dying to get the hell outta that shriveled up, miserable old body.
    SPCA was highly suspicious of abuse and was eager for just one shred of proof and he would have been back where he was in 1967, Jail time! You know how it goes “once a no good bastard, always a no good bastard, a psychopath is a psychopath is a psychopath, like a rose is a rose. Ol Anonymouse can’t even get along with own ILK, his people don’t want anything to do with anymore!!! So goes the story of some special CAT Karma from the FERAL CATS OF NORTH HILLS.
    Ps Hey Ol Anonymouse, who’s crazy now??? Informers tell us that you are still “looking for cats” ahhahahahahaha! crazy ol cat hater!!!!

      • Well Lo and behold, Anonymouse started up with the stalking again, tonite at 9:15pm, dark and dangerous for anyone to be out on that street so as we were feeding the cats, who comes walking down the street toward our Station. Yep, you betcha!!!!, the 81 yr old , with too much time on his hands (no hobbies and no friends) who is just obsessed with cats, claims his poor mother died from a cat disease, so now he’s going to have every cat on the planet pay for dear ol mom’s death by having them trapped, hung up and crucified or in his case POISONED (the authoritys are keenly aware that the very next death will be investigated . One of the tenants here is willing to testify he heard him admit it to his little band of stupid, fake friends
        He saw me tonight and I guess he thought it was going to be his golden opportunity to start playing Mr Cat policeman, the residents who own the property tell me he is always “checking” scanning to see if he see’s a cat “on their property” They love the kittys too and are making sure we will feed them as long as they own the property and make a provision for the new owners to allow us to (as the police said) “keep up the good work!!
        Anyways…..as soon as my best friend popped out from behind the fence where we feed the kitties, the game was over for the ol’ fool, he turned quickly and headed back into the building, Truly a COWARD who feels it’s his job to mind everyone’s business but his own. Hey, Anonymouse , get a life, a hobby, a friend , find God or get your ass to a psychiatrist or have your “meds” changed. You are one sick, lonely, obsessed SOB .
        Maybe take a class in English and writing at a local High School since all those posts you wrote on this page were atrocious. Maybe you might give some thought to taking your outdated cultural views back to where you came from, but then again I think that they may not suffer ex convicts who come to America to rob and steal Jewelry from woman you hired (from the old Country) to prostitute them on your boat , Captain cat shit! GET OFF MY PAGE , STOP STALKING ME ON THE COMPUTER AND ELSEWHERE, GET A LIFE OLD MAN, YOU WILL ANSWER TO A HIGHER POWER SOMEDAY, SOON, FOR THE LIVES YOU’VE DESTROYED, HUMAN AND ANIMAL

        • I told her she should have waited for him to come to the place where she feeds the cats and then had her male friend whack him real good,, mafia style,even stick some of the poison down his throat that he killed those precious creatures with and watch him write around, begging for mercy. I saw first hand how he poisoned the cats and had one killed by a dog, he is a very sick excuse for a human, he will get what’s coming someday soon!

  31. What is her problema is, (The Cat woman on a HUD property) that some of the people know how to speak and write English and are able to mount an offencive against her oudacity to turn our beutiful garden into a Shelter for Feral Cats. She can and should take her cats (that she loves so much) to the Neighboring Veterans Hospital, there is hundreds of gofer wholes on the ground there, her cats would be hapy there.
    But no, she doea not want to loose control of her cats, these are wild cats.

    They are waiting for her feeding time at the property of a Nursery at 15508 Plummer St ZIP 91343 …

  32. There are a lot of stray cats on Plummer St in North Hills sometimes as many as 15 of them waiting to be fed. Black & white,Brown, 3-4Red. Between 8-and 10 PM
    They are hungry and waiting to get hand outs
    The address here is 15508 Plummer St

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