Feral Cats of North Hills, Ca – big debate: humane v. inhumane treatment

by B


This page kicks off with a short post by visitor to the site in about 2008 (the date reads 2012 – the date the site was moved). Yes, a long time ago. She wanted to remain anonymous (for good reasons) and therefore called herself “B”. Her post gathered lots of comments which is why I am republishing it today, Christmas Day 2021. If there is a God, he would favour this lady. He would be on her side. But you can see the passion in the debate in the comments. Those who take the more humane route to dealing with feral cats admire her as I do. And there are those who simply want to kill feral cats. They want them eradicated in one fell swoop from the neighbourhood and the planet generally. These are the anti-cat brigade as I call them.

Cecelia Theis
This image illustrates the page. It is not ‘B’. It shows a TNR volunteer doing her work free of charge to her community in the name of decency and sensitivity towards sentient beings placed in a tough situation by humankind.
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I think the comments reflect that huge divide in society. They are polar opposites. It’s shocking to me that people can even think about killing feral cats willy-nilly. It demonstrates an insensitivity towards animals who are put there by careless people. If humans kill them, they compound the problem that they created in the first place. And therefore, ignorance underpins the desire to kill feral cats. It is a lack of education. Ignorance underpins almost everything that is bad in the world.

There is no guarantee that education and knowledge creates a more humane approach but it certainly helps. I don’t know what happened to this feral cat colony. About 13 years has elapsed. They might not be there anymore. The cat haters might have won this little feral cat battle in North Hills, California, USA.

She starts off by saying that she saw a bunch of kittens being “watered to death”. I don’t know what she means by that, by the way. Does she mean that people have been providing water to these cats? It doesn’t matter much because the general gist of her post is plain for all to see.

B’s post about caring for feral cats

After seeing a bunch of kittens watered to death, after I told the woman who hates cats to stop, I decided to trap every cat I could on a HUD property in North Hills, Ca (see map below) with the permission of the manager, Melanie John. Since she quit working here 3 weeks ago, I have had a group of people (most who don’t speak English and haven’t been born here) sign a petition to have me evicted for feeding the colony and saving them from death.

I am a very good caretaker, the colony of 11 is very healthy. As soon as the manager from the building, who was supportive of my efforts quit, these people who don’t like cats and are from different countries went on a crusade to draw attention to their cause of having me evicted and the TNR’d cats euthanized.

I live in North Hills, Ca 91343 and these people are making me very upset, one particular man has called many agencies over the past two years to trump up charges of sanitation concerns and the people have gardens, which on occasion the cats poo in.

I have been cleaning the gardens but it’s not good enough for some of these people. They want the cats that I have loved and cared for and feed day and night euthanized.

Visitor comments – there are hundreds

There are two blocks of comments. This is because the site was moved many years ago. Please scroll all the way down if you want to read all the comments. You can see that as the site’s administrator I had to stop a person or persons trolling the person who posted the short article. Passions ran high. The people who hate feral cats are as passionate as those that want to care for them.

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Apr 03, 2012The Cat Lady person
by: cat momma too

Momsez you are a wonderful, kind and caring human. I am sure when this world is over, you will be in Paradise with all the wonderful, beings and creatures that inhabit Planet Earth!
Can you believe the torment this cat feeder went thru by this sick sociopath named anonymous?

Mar 24, 2012HATE IS A SIN
by: mommassez

When I moved in my neighbors on either side were feeding four cats. I had them all spayed through the TNR program. Those cats love their owners like domestic cats and visa versa. One neighbor moved and the new neighbor has decided to use my love of animals as a club. He put out a live trap over a noise complaint and this has been going on since Oct 11. He has trapped 4 cats that were domestic cats. The idiot has NEVER CAUGHT A STRAY CAT! He took my baby girl’s cat, Cupcake, who has never known a stranger. I am sure he killed her.

People who hate and have no compassion towards God’s lower creatures are sociopathic in nature. It is an aberration to hate animals. This is reflected in the venom directed towards you that care for any animal that needs help. The bible says, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the cruel are wicked”. If you believe in God know that the sins, they commit again his animals and most importantly the hate they give their neighbors who care for those animals out of love and compassion will be remembered by the Father.

If you do not believe in God know they suffer a fate worse than hell as they create their how hell on earth. Others know evil when they see it. They give themselves away in bits and pieces. Others have always shunned them for the monsters they are.

Try to take the hate from your soul. Pity them as you would an animal. They are not as highly evolved as you. They lack compassion. The greater person shows compassion when they do not have to. Give the hate away and put it to some better use. You do not have to chain yourself to that hate. It is like cancer.

God Bless you.

Feb 02, 2012good news
by: Anonymous

good news

Feb 02, 2012Michael, I take your advice, as long no one
by: Anonymous

I will take your advice as long no one will write anything untrouth about anonymus.I am not against TNR. Please do not misunderstand. Thank you.

Response: Of course. My objective is fair play. I like comments and passion but there has to be a limit unfortunately….Michael

Feb 02, 2012Stop Please
by: Michael

Please can “anonymous” stop making comments on this site that attack and harass the author of this article. You have had your say and have gone into territory that could be considered internet harassment which is why I have deleted your most recent comments.

I am probably doing you a favour in any event.

If you decide to ignore this polite request to stop commenting I will delete the comment in its entirety and ban you from the site.

I am sorry to do this but sometimes (exceptionally) I am obliged to do so.

Michael (Admin)

Jan 31, 2012On the same date of Jan 29, 2012 she writes
by: Anonymous

On the same day she writes that the remark she received……

this comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 31, 2012here we go again Re. Jan 29 Note.
by: Anonymous

On Jan 29, 2012 ‘Strictly Legal’ writes that Annonymus….

this comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 30, 2012Who is strictly legal, why need to lie
by: Anonymous

“Strictly legal” can only be The Cat woman of North Hill……

this comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 29, 2012There Was Never a Tenants’ Association at Plummer
by: Strictly Legal

You were not clever enough. If you can read English so well, read the C.F.R. 245.10 you quoted again. It will reveal that you clearly never had a legal T.Association, nor as a result, could you then be President of a non-existent entity. Not then, not now, not ever. Your notices were illegal, your board postings were illegal, all illegal. Get over it. And thanks for confirming that it was you who posted the “goose is cooked” threat against the cat lady. Everyone knew it anyway, including management at every level, their attornies, HUD, the police, Animal Control, et al. Why not get another hobby?

Jan 29, 2012Some one is butting in here
by: Anonymous

Some one is butting in here, declaring that I am not a president and there is no Tenant association here…

this comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 29, 2012To be honest, cat woman is
by: Anonymous

To be honest, I think Cat woman is….

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 28, 2012There is No Tenants Association
by: Legally Now

You never were the President; there was no legal Tenants’ Association.

Jan 28, 2012So, I have arrived , Cat woman do extortion
by: Anonymous

Judgeing from the superviser’s own admission, all other tenants…..

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 28, 2012first read the following comment first.
by: Anonymous

After that Certified letter Dated Sept 16, 2010 sent by the manager…..

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Jan 28, 2012Can not explain othervise..
by: Anonymous

I am writing this as a president of the tenant association…

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Dec 20, 2011Who is the Ultimate boss Hud or the Vice president.?
by: Anonymous

My next door neighbor who knows about our Cat woman here in this beautiful garden….

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Dec 02, 2011I see the Cat woman deserted this web site
by: Anonymous

I see the…

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Nov 06, 2011You cannot comprehend, you need help
by: Anonymous

You can not comprehend the difference, this is our garden….

This comment has been deleted by Michael (Admin) because (a) it is a form of internet harassment (b) I support TNR of feral cats and their humane treatment (c) dialogue is fine but not to this level where it upsets an article’s author (c) it is detrimental to the website.

Oct 07, 2011What’s Not To Love?
by: Strictly Legal

While this is not a feral cat, each cat holds within itself the same feelings, emotions and charm that this beloved cat does. Hope you enjoy! Even Anonymous cat hater could not help but smile! Check out the Great Maru!!
www.http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/htm…zOjlY.facebook or especially,

Have a great weekend!

Oct 05, 2011Strictly Legal, Part II
by: Anonymous

www.alleycat.org/;saveacat.org/;www.feralcatrescuemd.org/;feralcat.com/; cats.about.com/…/feralrescue/Rescue_Groups_Feral_and_Abandoned…;

FINIS: Readers/viewers: “Cat lover” is not a pejorative term; the Part I information is from someone who has been there and done that, worked with Animal Control in many cities (sometimes by special request) and who supports those who also go to the trouble of TNR and feeding. No further weight should be given to any poster on this site who simply wants to rant from a personal point of view only, and not contribute to the site in a positive way. Very transparent, my dear cat hater. If this is lady is ?crazy,? then there are about a million just like her worldwide. Also, I would encourage “this lady” to cease trying to educate Anonymous or anyone of his/her ilk about the good that she does, or other people do, for these animals, and to simply enjoy this site for what is intended to be. That means you, ?Anonymous.? Thank you.

Oct 05, 2011Misinformation Abounds! Let the experts speak!
by: Strictly Legal

Dear Anonymous, Even Though You Aren’t Really: What is it with you? “This lady” is no different than the thousands upon thousands of caregivers throughout the world who feed, TNR, and trap for vetting the abandoned, stray, and feral cats who struggle to survive in a world without pity. Your post starts out, like most who really do hate the cats, with a disclaimer that you don’t. Bah, Poppycock! After 25 years of experience in the field, I know when someone is not telling the truth. The very basis of your post is to denigrate; thus, not to support the effort. So, that aside, I really need to inform you that most cat “colonies” are much larger than 6, and even larger than 11, numbering upwards to 50 or 60 or more. They are everywhere, not just near you, my uninformed friend. The fact that you think they can be taken into a home reveals your lack of, well, you know. These are feral cats, for the most part, and have never known human touch. If they cannot be trapped by the age of 8 weeks, they will become entirely feral and the best that can be done is to test them for disease, vaccinate and spay/neuter. That is what feral cat colony caregivers do, just like “this lady.” Trapped cats who test for a disease are not returned to a colony, so unlikely any have diseases, least of all contagious to humans (study up, dear). I have looked into this situation and have determined the following: (1) These cats are regularly trapped and vetted; (2) You should know by now, Anonymous, that Los Angeles alone has thousands of such cats, especially since the ongoing foreclosure crisis, where owners abandon their pets to fend for themselves; they starve; (3) this very teeny tiny little colony of 6(?) cats has been tended to properly and correctly at the caregiver’s own expense, and according to “guidelines” which do not include your obvious bias and lack of knowledge on the subject (I am being kind). No persons were harmed in the TNRing of this or any other managed colony and at no one’s expense except that of the caregivers who spend their own money to make sure these cats are not a burden on society, but have at least one person who cares enough to look after them. No further posts by Anonymous should be given any weight on this site, especially since the site is intended for enjoyment and education, not for uninformed, biased diatribes. I want to thank Anonymous for using spell check or someone who is able to type legibly, even though the syntax is still way below par. Further, I would appreciate getting a link to your “guidelines” which seem to have a different definition that the one I have given (see above). Here are some links, out of about 350,000, since Anonymous is so interested in the care of these cats, to become informed: (See Part II)

Oct 05, 2011Feral Cats and a CRAZY lady
by: Anonymous

I have no hate for cats and feral cats but, if anyone that supports this lady for taking care of these feral cats are crazy! If you truly care for these animals, take them into your home and care for them in your own private domain! It shouldn’t be at the expense of other people!! All you “cat lovers”, instead of supporting this crazy lady, get out there and adopt them! A proper cat colony consist of 6 cats, not 11 of them. Has this lady “TNRed” them properly? Has she taken them to the Vet for proper check-ups? These feral cats carry contagious diseases and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If this lady was responsible, she would do the right thing and follow the guidelines to take care of feral cats. Don’t impose problems on others! That’s INCONSIDERATE!!

Sep 12, 2011I am only telling the truth
by: Anonymous

I am only telling the truth, she needs a life without cats. A person who walks around peoples garden shaking her Key chain for signal and yelling out “come on get it baby” is no slander.
She does this feeding ritual every night to the chagrin of the rest of tenants, and that makes her happy, to aggravate people..! She thinks she has the high ground because of her devotion to her stray animals.
Everyone who does not approve of her, she slanders and calling them Monsters and Mother F…ers. She could help those animals by a river bed, or under a bridge, but no, she wants to use the private property of 75 tenants. !
We can all read about the obsessive behavior of the cat ladies of the world…, they learn to abuse people, learn how to use the animal services, and how to use the courts to file false complaint against people who follow her selfish activities, she charges harrasment for looking at her feeding activity, and charges stalking…!
She does not want anyone report her activity to the manager, don’t even come close when she is feeding…! She knows she does wrong, thats why !

Sep 10, 2011Anonymous
by: Tomi

Yo! Anonymous, get a life. You have a lot of nerve slandering Ms. B. Why don’t you just chill and leave her alone. She doesn’t need donations from anyone. She does what she does with her own money. She doesn’t ask anybody to donate, so shut the hell up and live your own life and leave hers alone. Personally, I don’t care for cats but I applaud what she is doing in keeping those cats from harm.

Sep 09, 2011just to tell the truth
by: Anonymous

She is not only a cat lady of north hills, she is also a copy-cat.
She copies everithing, well most everithing I write about.
I told her she should improve on her English grammar, she came back and talked about my bad grammar. You see, I have an excuse to write with terrible grammar, I was almost 30 when I have arrived in this beutifull country, but what is her excuse? she went to school here, she just did not care to learn,or may be just to high to care on her cocktail of Vicodin & Whisky.!
I wrote my first patent application 2-3 years after I arrived here.
Than I told her that I am printing out her comments in this sight, for evidence of her in-
sanity. The next thing I know she writes that she prints out everithing I write…! Except that everithing I wrote about her — she will not put it on her window for everybody to see, she wish I would quit writing about her…! She wrote that to post leaflets on other tenants door is not allowed in our building, and she has stolen our leaflets. I than posted the federal law pertaining to the protection of the activities of the tenant association including the posting of leaflets and flyers exactly, on tenants doors and bulletin boards. In her reply she fails to admitt that she was wrong when she stolen the leaflets and about that it was not at all against any rule.
She is fuming and wishes that the web site be closed for everyone who does not love feral cats
She accuses me of destoying her life and livelihood,– I see: she wanted to use this web site may be to solicit donation from people like Betty White and Bob Barker? I do not beleive that anyone would help her to infest the garden of senior citizens, much less to transform their garden to an animal shelter for whild cats. She is braging about her supporters from around the world, I have not read any such thing since I have disclosed her insane activity.
Thank you for reading…

Sep 05, 2011cyberstalking/bullying
by: cat lady

I have printed out every page (3 x’s) on this Site as furthur proof of anonymous’s relentless harrasement of me and that anonymous is using this site for stalking, slander and libel refusing to stop bullying me where I live and online, now anonymous has been cyberstalking/bullying and the proof is on these pages. I found the web-page through a cat lovers page, which is my pleasure. This is America and I am allowed to love cats and have many supporters throughout the world. How he found the Site is not his business as he wants feral cats euthanize?.
He has STARTED this posting,(unprovoked by me) on March 22, 2010 , just 2 months and 2 weeks after a NO CONTACT order that he signed. The web-site was then shut down July 9, 2010 by Michael the moderator at my urging because of anonymous’s diatribes against me and further statements made about a tenants petition organized by anonymous,
I then re-opened this site on August 11, 2011 and anonymous RESUMED his posting on August 27, 2011. after a post that I wrote to the Site. Anonymous has been the FIRST to post without any provocation from me. He even tried to request the moderator, Michael, who uses this site as business to close it down. A request that Michael explained was ridiculous, etc.as posted in his comment dated August 27, 2011. This is bullying and cyberstalking, anonymous started it again and again, in this building where I live, he has posted and it is im my possession all documents posted. Now it is online with more rants and I am defending myself and the animals lives that are under attack along with his threats to me of eviction and a post/threat to my life(Sept 1,2011) that “my goose is cooked ” in big red letters and exclamation marks and in my possession now . He is not the manager or owner of this building ,where I am feeding off property. There is also slander involved in anonymous stating I am terrorizing my neighbors. I will now share this story with the authorities/legal and who ever else is involved (anonymous is involved) in allowing anonymous to continue his campaign of terror directed at me in this building and online.

Sep 04, 2011March 22, 2010
by: cat lady

On March 22 2010
“Anonymous” breached his promise FIRST of NO CONTACT by the Court of Los Angeles by writing on a web-site for FERAL CATs OF NORTH HILLS, It is plain and obvious that he did this on March 22, 2010. HE INTRUDED on a blog that had nothing to do with him, it is a web-site for people who are interested in cats around the world, and was not intended to be a place to air any grievances or dirty laundry.(harrass) with posts about 17 petitions place against me. Then just two months and two weeks after the Court hearing, , he started posting deragatory remarks aimed at cat lady, one post published by another Cat Lady isn’t even by me but by someone else calling herself cat lady, relating to Anonymous learning how to spell right.
I asked you (Michael) to shut the web-site down to stop this abuse by anonymous. In July of 2011, I had you (Michael) re-open this web-site in July and Anonymous started up again. Now I am being threatened with eviction by a tenant. Just for the record , Michael and any furthur statements from Anonymous Thank you for your blog. As you see there is certainly a lot of evidence now concerning animal issues in America. I will keep you posted.

Sep 01, 2011What is that, you are not impartial?
by: Anonymous

You are only posting writings posted by the Fat Cat lady of North Hills and refuse to posting my postings ?

Sep 01, 2011Needs to reply..!
by: Anonymous

I am printing these pages by Cat Lady of North Hills..these messages she writes will provide good and ample evidence of her obsession regarding her colony of feral cats… in a sanity hearing she will soon have to face. She cannot distinguish between rite and wrong.
She believes she has (had) the right to infest our garden attached to a Senior residential Apartment with her colony of feral cats.
She wants to dedicate our garden to the nurturing and pleasure of her cats. She has no gumption to realize what is wrong with that?!
Her days are numbered here and hopefully we will be succesful to have her tenancy terminated, not only because she and her cohorts keep feeding the stray cats around our property, but in addition she keeps harassing and terrorizing her fellow tenants who told her and signed a petition against her activity. Also she keeps sabotaging the tenant association’s activity and steels papers and flyers from our Bulletin Board and from the tenants doors posted, announcing the time of the next meeting. Fortunately she did not show up in our meeting, due to the fact she fell a sleep in a Vicodin & Whisky induced stupor provided and sold to her by the tenant of her supporter.
That said says it all, thank you for reading.

Aug 29, 2011another beautiful night in the hood
by: cat lady

Hi All
Well, it was another beautiful and starpfilled night in North Hills, tonight. As the kitties , who withstood the 105 degree temps were just kind of “tuckered out” and not in such a state to be excited about their dnner. They are well fed, fat and happy feral cats. All so appreciative of their “daily bread”. Thes beautiful animals all have their own unique personalitys. One charcoal colored, Russian Blue was trapped several months ago by Nina and I , he was truly very unhappy about being caught and very scared, he was climbing all over the cage looking for any hole he could fit his way out, he did not give up hope!!!, Nina tells me he was very quiet on the trip to the place he was going to be neutered, they know! and it’s gotta be one scary experience for an animal to be “caught” and taken away in a cage.
Imagine us, being taken by some Alien being (us to them) captured, like when we have those kind of dreams , called sleep paralysis, when you are awake and can’t move. Well I feel, that is precisely what our feral friends go through. there is nothing good about that feeling, is there?
I can’t wait for the day ……. there will be no stray, abandoned animal living on the streets, fending for themselves no animal left behind. I want to be in a place somewhere, someday where every animal has someone to watch over them, yes, a Guardian being, until they are able to live free, being able to fend for themselves, until that day. I will never stop protecting my fur children.

Aug 27, 2011 for the record
by: cat lady

Let me reiterate, THE KITTIES ARE NOT BEING FED ON THIS PROPERTY and are being fed off property by me and a fellow feeder each and every day. They are FREE TO ROAM as stated by animal control. They are wildlife along with the possums, racoons and birdies. There is incidences of cruelty which are documented. The man who owns the Nursery next door is another victim of the cruelty of anonymous, who had his Rooster taken away because it, of all terrible things crowed in the morning,waking up poor ol animal hater monster in the morning!!!!After he did his damage to OUR neighbor from the Nursery. Animal hating monster changed his apartment to one that was “more pristine”, lets not mention the cockroaches that have been infesting both of his neighbors on both sides of his apt?? These two neighbors of his are clean people, so where are the bugs coming from ? Guess who? Yep , BINGO , Animal hating Monster! AHM loves to torment and harrass people and creatures, he lives for it!Peace is a word that is not in his dictionery.He uses people to further his agenda, he doesn’t care about anyone but his self . His bad heart nearly bowled me over as I and a friend saw him gingerly running away from, being caught hanging flyers of “notice to tenants” on peoples doors. Not being allowed to post on this property he defys management and acts as if he owns the building. He is a PEST! guilty of terror, harrasement and slander and cruelty to all living creatures and humans. I hope he finds God (or God finds him) before he leaves this planet!!!!animal hating monster (AHM) One thing is for certain, God is watching him and will give him just enough rope to hang his self . I HOPE IT’S SOON!!!!!!!!

Aug 27, 2011North hills kitties
by: cat lady

oh my goodness , one thing I have never done is cry or plead over anyone or anything especially when I am right about it and I am born/bred and live in America .land of the free! This creepo would love it if he could hurt me by using the cats as an instrument of terror against my care and compassion, he’s a pathological person and will use any one or anything to push his agenda of hatred and animal abuse. I pity the ol’ fool for not having much time to do anything in his life but spew his anger and hatred toward me and the feral cats who will continue to inhabit the land and very soon live without being chased , or harrased , chased into the street. They are a joy to behold and so many people have signed a petition in this apt building to keep them here. He has no idea how many people support the cats here. I have proof along with documentation of his cruelty and antic’s. I have quite a lot of support in dealing with this issue as he will soon find out!

Aug 27, 2011back atcha anonymous
by: cat lady

Thanks Michael
This anonymous guy is a coward and bully and gets his kicks trying to hurt innocent creatures. Everyone knows he is one sick mental case. the fact he is posting on here tells you he has a problem, being that he hates cats . You notice he uses my name personally?
He thrives on the attention he gets from anyone who is fool enough to listen to his rants and raves about the cats that inhabit the land here.(and will continue to live here , soon to be free from being harrassed and tormented by him and his ILK. To me and others , he lives a very sad and lonely life. He cannot do a thing to stop me from feeding the ferals that live here, not one thing! short of commiting a crime and the authorities are aware of him and his antic’s and are just waiting for him to mess up, and it’s eating him up alive. He will go to his grave a very sad and lonely man eaten up by bitterness and hatred. Poor guy is obsessed, crazy, everyone says!!! Thanks so much for your support , Michael. We all need to eradicate this type of mean/callous behavior from the planet not the beautiful animals that GOD created. Anonymous needs to go away, far away, move somewhere else with his pristine garden ,hahaha, what a mess his garden is , just like his evil mind and heart! People around here just don’t pay much attention to him. He’s got a problem.

Aug 27, 2011Response to last comment
by: Michael

Sorry but your request is completely ridiculous. I am not going to close the site to please you when it has taken four years and more to build and when it provides me with an income and some money left over for cat welfare charities.

In America there are people who hate cats or they have no feeling for animal welfare. Some shoot them etc. You seem to fall into this category.

Personally, I prefer the people who care. People who are sensitive to the needs of others including cats. These are the good people.

If you want to stop feral cats growing in number consider changing people’s methods of cat ownership. There are lots of irresponsible cat owners. Do something about that. In the meantime, as we created the feral cat problem, we have an obligation to fix it humanely and morally.

Aug 27, 2011She terrorises her fellow tenants.
by: Anonymous

Dear Michael.
It is time you have closed your site. There are some people who are fanatics about their cats, have no regards to their fellow neighbors and can do nothing but speak derogatorily about people who tells the truth about their actitivity.
She, Barbara insists to continue to infest our prisine garden with her “colony ” of cats, she insist to use our garden for the nurturing and enjoyment to her cats. Untill we find our way to eradicate her wicked habit. Than she will start crying and pleading to have consideration to her feeling of love ”
for her” cats. She should take her cats to a nearrby animal shelter.
Thank you,

Aug 11, 2011thanks Michael
by: Barbara

Many thanks Michael for all your efforts at closing the post due to the replys of the “hater” Paul and his nasty comments, so sad that there are people who exist on this planet to hurt others and innocent creatures, but as sure as God is watching them, I will never stop doing the right thing for HIS creatures!!! I am so sorry to inform you and the group that one of the Colony Kitty’s passed yesterday. I took his remains to animal control to make sure there is no “:foul play” or there will be an investigation into the matter and they know where to go. He was my beloved Polydactile, called “Bandit”. He will be sorely missed by me and my friend who also is involved in caretaking the Colony.

Jul 09, 2010Thread Closed 9th July 2010
by: Michael (admin)

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Jul 07, 2010Paul
by: Anonymous

Hey Paul
stop with your ranting and stalking. You have a problem, you have too much time on your hands to focus on cats and cat poo. If anyone has an inflated ego it’s you! Destroying wildlife and God’s creatures is important to you because you think in your pee brain that your god!!??
I think you love the attention you get from me too

Jul 06, 2010To Barbara the Cat Lady of N. Hlls
by: Anonymous

It is clear that you have built for yourself an
i n f l a t e d e g o. You think that Your fellow trnants admire you when they have to endure the smell of your kitti “poo” on their carrots , onions and celary.
They go and spend 40-60 dollars at Home Depo to get a fence they want to put around their garden, they are –I am sure admire you for that. They admire you when you laughing out loud when seing your cats jumping over their fences.
These are great deeds you admireing yourself for.
You are not big enough to do any deeds or help for your neighbors, you are so low your bigest good deed you can do is for cats.
Why not you go to the U.S. Bureau of Park and Land Managment and bring home a few Mustangs before they be actioned of for Cat food. That would be real admirable deed. There is enough lawn on the HUD property, they could graze on.
How about that Barbara? That would give you real reason to inflate your Ego

Jul 06, 2010To the typical “Cat lady” of 62 years old
by: Anonymous

Reading all your writing, it is clear that you have created for yourself an INFLATED EGO.
You think that the tenants admire you for feeding the cats in their property, it is clear that you are admiring YOURSELF for that.. But those tenants that want to enjoy their life by groving their vegetables in ther meager little gardens have to work in the soiled soil — soiled by what you call your Kitty “poo” ! Somone should tell Barbara that it is called feces, or (cat shit)!
And it smells, it smells bad, when you have to pull your Onions and Carrots out and it smells that disgusting “kitty poo”, I am sure they admire you, and you have no concious to think othervise.
They go out and spend 40-50 dollars to buy fences they want to put around their garden, (to keep them out) and I am sure they admire you for that…! Think nothing of it, Barbara just laughed when the cats jumped right over their fences. They are so healthy…!
Why not go to the U.S. Bureau of Park and Land Managment and bring home a few wild mustangs, othervise they will be auctioned and slottered for cat food….! How about that Barbara? That would be realy admirable. There is plenty of well manicured lawn for them to graze on…at the HUD property.!

Jul 05, 2010To the typical “Cat lady” of 42 years old
by: Anonymous

Oh’ My dear,– Your comment dated Jun 28 says it all. It is a revelation of your vishes reaction even the fact that someone discovered your openly braging about your “colony of 12 Cats” on the HUD property. And you hate even the fact that as a “symptom” of our times someone use a Computer to ruin people lives. Well, how so it can ruin your life Barbara. ??
The fact that you and Melony (your co-conspirator}
have infested our garden with animal feces (your cat feces)some one called your bluff and called the “elder protection agency” and reported the fact that we are forced to accept the situation that we do not wanted to be in …! If you recall Melonie the Manager said : if you do not like to clean cat feces — may be you just have to move out. !!
The Investigator called the Health Department…! And so on and so on, but instead of reflecting on your audacity, you hate the fact that people can use computer against you…and Melonie.!

Jul 04, 2010To Barbara the Cat Lady of N. Hlls
by: Anonymous

To make the rcord straight, and that Barbara is attempting to picture herself as a Martir,– No one was asking the managment to evict Her
The last Pharagraph of the Petition’s the tenants signed states:
Signed by 17 tennants.
Barbara, the Guardian Angel is attempting to accuse the tenants for wanting to evict her.

Jul 04, 2010Anonimus Tenant to Cat Lady of Notrth Hils.
by: Anonymous

Just to keep the record straigth and close to the truth: I am copiing here Verbatum the Heading of the Petition the tenant signed and sent to the Company Superviser ON Oct 15, 2009 :
dated: oct 15, 2009
(SIGNED by 27 tennants.)
I am here showing that Barbara the Guardian Angel is attempting to make herself a sympatetic martir-
..there is n o one a s k i n g the managment to e v i c t H E R,
the declaration is asking the managment to evict the violating tenant who violates the rule in the future against the feeding of the cats on the HUD Property.
Signed by Anonimus 2

Jul 04, 2010To Barbara the typical 62 years old Cat Lady.
by: Anonymous

You just do not want to get it Barbara ! You think everyone does anything, emanates from hate, and you want to make people beleive that you are the guardian angel of all creatures suffreing from abandonment. You do not want to get it, it is a HUD property, and it is a property to the comfort and safety for elderly people…!
It is not, I repeat it is N O T your property where you play acting as a guardian angel, forcing people to endure your fancy and acts of encroachmant. I suggest you get your own property or if you are feeling so much affinity to stray cats, you should put in some volunteer hours in an anymal shelter instead. You are picking a verbal fight and attacking the person who write in response to your writing.

Jun 28, 2010about anonymous
by: cat lady

It’s just a shame and a symptom of the times we live in nowadays, that people like anonymous can use a computer to try to ruin people lives. From him calling agencys non-stop and trying to organize pettions to evict people like me who are making a difference on this planet to help orphaned creatures.
He lies and embellishes the truth. His campaign is HATE! whether it’s creatures or any one trying to be kind to them.
He is truly obsessed with me and the goodwill I have shown toward these creatures.He is so out of touch with what it is to be a human being. I think he is jealous of the animals getting the attention he misses out on, since no one cares about him, he is a very lonely old man and germaphobe (hmmn guilty concience or a lot of baggage from the past??) I still can’t believe he found this forum and needed to contribute his .01 cent, but I put nothing past him anymore.
I will never stop defending the lives of innocent creatures!!!! This man is a monster that passes off as a poor, senior citizen (not!! he drives a BMW in a HUD building) He sprays animal repellant on the cats and throws rocks at them, just a truly mean-spirited old senior citizen parading as a “nice guy”. hahahahahaha!!! Thanks to all for your support!!! This guy needs to get a life! He’s been stalking and tormenting me and the cats for years now. I have lots of documentation and letters from neighbors about him and his stalking and mischief ,including a fine letter from teacher (9 other residents too) who works for LAUSD detailing his stalking and tormenting if he doesn’t stop and find a new hobby!!!

Jun 28, 2010about anonymous
by: cat lady

What a miserable human being this guy is!!! (He needs to be anonymous because he is a COWARD) , he is obsessed with cat poo and searching for it on his quest to make a bigger thing our of nothing!! ( a few kittys “roaming” and enjoying their sad lives after they been abandoned through no fault of their own just heartless owners (like him)
He has such a miserable life and no one to share it with because of his meanness and petty thinking and germaphobe mentality.
I can’t believe he found this web-site as he is a stalker and has been stalking me via computer for a few years.
Living beings mean nothing to him, he needs a crusade to have cats that have been TNR’d and vacinated against disease euthanized to make his self feel important and win attention and admiration in this building.
I have taken him to Court and he has broken his promise to stop making trouble. I am prepared to take him back along with many letters from other residents who have witnessed his cruelty to the cats.
He needs heaping doses of compassion and a a great boost of higher conciousness. The poor soul will face his maker someday and have to answer for all the pain he’s caused people and animals. Mean and vindictive and an animal and woman hater is his legacy

Jun 25, 2010Reply Written to Anonymous
by: Cat Lady

It might be a smart thing to get a little education about what Trap – Neuter – Return really is before you go running your mouth. I will help you with that…..You trap the cat, you take it to a clinic to be spayed or neutered – and then you release it to the EXACT SAME LOCATION where it was trapped. You DON’T release it in the wild. It is stupid, ignorant people like you who cause the problems – and by the way, if you are going to live in OUR country, please learn how to spell correctly.

Mar 22, 2010To Barbara the Cat lady of North Hills
by: Anonymous

Barbara, my dear, it is well that you keep mentioning that you do ‘TNR’ however I do not beleive you know what TNR means? – TRAP- NEUTER and RELEASE-!!
Reading your bragging about your encroachmant on your felow tenants with a ‘coloni’ of 12 cats you have been feeding for 2-4 years — It doas not look like you RELEASING them back to the wild, you just want to have Cats around you to play with.
You think that just because you have taken those cats for neutoring — the cat of your neighbors of North Hills,– you have the right to keep them… but you have no gumption to clean after them. You are watching from your window that 75 – 86 years old Korean tenants clean their vegetable gardens after your cats defecated there.. and loughing on them loud … you think it is nice.
You have insulted all your fellow tenants and that is why they petitioned the managment to evict you my dear, you did not write about that did you?

Mar 22, 2010Reply to Feral Cats in North Hills Hud Building
by: Anonymous

Reply to feral cats.
You think you can take over the Garden of the Hud Property where 75 tenants live. You do not think that immigrants have right to do something about your auadacity to cause the every day happening of your cats soiling their vegtable gardens?
You wrong, and anyone who encurages you to have you encroach on your neighbors with your Cats.

Mar 22, 2010You are not telling the whole truth Barbara,
by: Anonymous

You are not telling the fact that you have become the guardian of Feral cats beacause you did not think that those foreiginers will know how to express their feeling about the fact that you have taken over the the Backyard garden that belongs to everyone who is living in this beutifull HUD property.
You are mentioning in your letters twice that “those people -you do not know where they are coming from” like they have no right -visa ve to you- to complain because they are foreigin born and you are a Native American (born).

I knew that from the beginning when you first hauled those cats in crates surreptitiously under the cover of night – I knew that right a way that the reason you had the curage to fill the garden with stray cats because most the people who cultivate their Victory Gardens are Korean Immigrants and that they should’t complain– you wrong Barbara. And do not let yourself be swayed by the encuraging words of strangers — I do not see them coming to help you to clean the “Victory Gardens”* from the Cat feces..
*(“Victory Gardens” where gardens People in England — by the encuradgement of Prime Minister Churchil planted vegetables in their backyard during the Siege of Nazy bombardments to ease of food shortiges during the war.)

Nov 04, 2009Well done to you Barbara
by: Babz

Barbara you are doing a wonderful job, those cats are blessed to have you caring for them, keeping doing what you do and put two fingers up at the ignorant I’m-alright-Jack’s who try to stop you! Best wishes & cyber hugs

Nov 04, 2009Thank you all feral friends!
by: Barbara

So many great responses, thank you !Yea, Mile, kinjd of funny from Beverly Hills to North Hills. I agree with all of you concerning the intolerant people who choose to stay ignorant. I will continue feeding my beautiful colony of kitties as I have for 4 yrs. Had them all TNR’d in June 2008. Eleven kitties outside plus my two black indoor beauties. Truly a witches coven, huh? thanks all, and God bless you. I am on FaceBook
Barbara Ann Wehmeyer Yabor

Nov 03, 2009you are an angel
by: kathy

I was really forming a resent ment against thes stupid people you are dealing with. Afew years back I also ran up against some people from a foreign country. I was feeding a few feral cats and some local coonies and oposums were coming to dine at my diner. The foreign man worked late and came home one night and told the landlady that I was feeding wild animals and he was afraid hed be attacked. So she told me not to do it anymore. I just moved my diner to the back of the building. Im sorry your going through what you are and I will offer a special prayer to my special saint for you. We just went through a lukemia scare with one of my sons cats and my saint brought us a negative result. Foreign people really are becoming a problem in our country as they just try to take over. Anyway that just my opinion.

Nov 03, 2009Sorry
by: Ruth aka Kattadorra

Sorry, that was my post from England.I was so upset on Barbara’s behalf I forgot to put my name instead of leaving it as anonymous.

Nov 03, 2009To Barbara
by: Anonymous

I’m so sorry you have come up against these cruel people Barbara,you are an Earth Angel and I wish I could help you but as I’m thousands of miles away, in England, I can only send you positive thoughts and hope and pray someone will help you relocate the cats.
Please let us know.

Nov 03, 2009Well done Barbara!
by: Everycat

Barbara, you are a true friend to ferals! This is wonderful work that you have done and it’s testament to how mindless and mean spirited humans can be that you are now being persecuted by these unfeeling idiots.

I wonder if Alley Cat Allies would give you some support here? They might be able to advocate for you amidst the cat hating rabble. The vacuum effect is very real as I’m sure you know. Maybe if the anti-cat people understood this, they would be more tolerant of your excellent work to manage this colony.

Best of luck


Nov 03, 2009Like Beverly Hills
by: Michael

Hi, thanks for sharing. Your experience mirrors what happened at Beverly Hills: Help Fight Beverly Hills Municipal Code.

People have almost polar opposite views on feral cats. There are those like you who want to do the right thing to resolve the problem and the others who just want it to go away as quickly as possible and that means kill the lot for these people although that method does not work well. See Feral Cat Vacuum phenomenon

I praise you for your efforts – well done and good luck.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

113 thoughts on “Feral Cats of North Hills, Ca – big debate: humane v. inhumane treatment”

  1. Bottom line and last post…
    Barbara will caretake her cats wherever allowed.
    You are not lord and dictator of anything.
    Go and live your life. Cats are the least of your concerns today.

  2. Dear DEE,
    I am writing to you and need to ask you a favor… I am sure that you have been reading some of the massages exchanged in the past few days. Like I have stated I am very well content by the fact that Barbara and her Surrogate Cat feeders (like Gustavo)lately feeding the stray cats not on our property but at the gate of the neighboring Nursery’s Property. Nursery, meaning Plant nursery and not any animal Nursery.
    But we still have some problem with Barbara, the Cat woman.! She resent the fact that she and her cat feeding rituals have bee relegated by a High ranking official by a Mr. Phil Rizzo. She hates me for that order made by Mr. Phil Rizzo , so much so that she run out of the room where we had this meeting. This is why the anymosity flares up from time and I am time to time involved in attempt to make her understand her position. She, to this day argues that I am illegal and that I am not a President of the Tenant Association and to this day she argues there is no CFR 245.10 which would sanction the establishment of the Tenant Association…!
    What I would like to ask you, cuse I sence that you have some influence on her, to ask you to find Title 24 and Part 245 — CFR 245.10 and explain to her what you find and what it means. Actually I think she knows about that this Law exsists hovewer she is playing cute and pretends that she believes it does not exists this way her actions emanating from ignorance can be and will be forgiven. She is pretty clever and manipulative, she has totally under her spell the previous manager worked here: Her name was Michell Zant. She , Barbara instructed Mrs. Zant to write me letters because it is against company rules to sent so many complaints…! I gave her a copy of the First Amendment to the Constitution… She quit and moved out within three days. So please help me and if you have axcess to a library or find that Title 24 and CFR 245.10 on the internet explain it to her what it means…! Lisa, the current manager declined to gave her these Federal rules. I do not know why…
    Thanking you for your attention to this matter
    Very truly yours

  3. Thank you Dee, thanks for telling them to shut up, and live Anonymous alone.!
    At last someone can show some respect for the gentleman.


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