Happy cat campaign tip 3 – physical levelling up

My cat enjoying equal-height love sessions on the bed upstairs. He jumps on the bed and asks me to interact in our special way as he loves it. He trills and squeaks in delight.
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Making our cats happy is our number one goal as cat caregivers. There are many ways to do it. Under this campaign I have already suggested two but there are thousands more on this website. This is the third tip in my happy cat campaign. It is about tackling what is a barrier between human and cat: the size difference.

We take it for granted that we are nearly always looking down at our cat and cats take it for granted that they are nearly always looking up at us; craning their neck to look at our heads. They are often underfoot as the saying goes. And sometimes it is a little irritating.

What about placing ourselves at the same level as our cat? It certainly delights mine when I do this. I achieve this happy, temporary relationship by my cat being on my bed while I kneel beside it and interact with him.

This form of interaction lifts my cat off the ground by a few feet and lowers me by a few feet. And the bed is a good place to interact with your cat as it is a ‘scent soaker’ in the special language of Jackson Galaxy (it smells of the cat’s owner bigtime from the cat’s perspective).

For my cat this form of interaction has become a routine which is so desirable that he jumps up on a double bed upstairs and asks me to interact with him as described above. When I do, he is delighted. He trills and rolls around while I kiss his belly and head.

Of course, the interaction should be gentle and loving. It should be what we know our cat accepts. Each cat has their own limits to petting and being loved and cuddled etc. Push the boundaries of those limits and your cat might react in negative way such as biting or walking away.

The key to this method of making our cat happy is shrinking the size of the human and enlarging the size of the cat as a starting point to gentle kissing and petting.

Humans need to place themselves in the metaphorical shoes of their cat companion and try to feel what it is like. It must be confusing at times for the cat to live with another cat (us) who’s five times taller. My happy cat campaign tip number 3 removes that height difference and makes us equal and more like the mother cat that our cat thinks we are.

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