Useful free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

Free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

This is a useful free to use photographic quality image of a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat resting in a cat tree of suitable size and robustness. He’ll be male as nearly all ginger tabbies are male. RELATED: 12 facts on keeping an indoor cat happy We (good cat caregivers) know that ensuring your …

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Happy cat campaign tip 3 – physical levelling up

Happy cat campaign tip 3 - the physical levelling up

Making our cats happy is our number one goal as cat caregivers. There are many ways to do it. Under this campaign I have already suggested two but there are thousands more on this website. This is the third tip in my happy cat campaign. It is about tackling what is a barrier between …

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Happy cat campaign tip 2 – observe your cat’s behaviour and take notes

Observe your cat and make some mental notes to find out what makes them tick and happy

In 2011 a veterinary charity in the UK assessed the physical and social environment of domestic cats and decided that on average in cat owners needed to improve as the score they came up with was 64%. Unsurprisingly, the score was lower in homes where there was more than one cat because issues surrounding …

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Happy cat campaign tip 1 – the discarded cardboard box

Gabs in his box

I am running two campaigns at the moment and they overlap. One is to promote domestic cat happiness. Sounds childish almost but it’s not. It’s about remembering our responsibilities towards our cat companions. After providing security, warmth and sustenance it is down to cat caregivers to make their cat happy! Of course, the owner …

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