Happy cat campaign tip 3 – physical levelling up

Happy cat campaign tip 3 - the physical levelling up

Making our cats happy is our number one goal as cat caregivers. There are many ways to do it. Under this campaign I have already suggested two but there are thousands more on this website. This is the third tip in my happy cat campaign. It is about tackling what is a barrier between …

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Bimodal communication with cats (video)

Me and Gabs talking about bimodal communication with cats

This is me talking about a French study on how to get cats to respond more quickly which might please a few people. Remember those articles based on another study which stated that cats only respond to a request to come if they are in the mood. The news media misinterpreted the scientists. Anyway, …

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Is your cat a chatterbox?

Chatterbox cat

Talkative domestic cats are good. They improve the human-to-cat relationship. Cat owners want their cat to initiate an interaction with them, don’t they? You don’t just want a decorative cat. When cats start the conversation, the interactions are better and they last longer. Please tell me if your cat is a chatterbox and if …

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Domestic cats and humans need to be active for their health

I'm exhausted from playing!

This is a short note about cat caregiving. I am concerned at the growing trend to keep domestic cats inside full-time. It is very good in one way: safety from physical injury, usually by motor vehicles but bad in another namely a lack of activity and boredom. Do these two cancel each other out? …

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Kids’ exposure to cats reduces risk of allergies to egg, wheat, and soybean

Exposure to dogs or cats during fetal development or early infancy was estimated to reduce the incidence risk of food allergies until the age of 3 years

A child’s exposure to cats either during fetal development (before being born via their mother) or early infancy (0-1 year describes an infant) reduces the risk of an allergy to egg, wheat and soybean according to a Japanese study published on the Plos One website March 29, 2023 (link: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0282725). Exposure to dogs in …

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Tip: allow your cat 15 mins when coming indoors to lose their ‘wild mode’ to avoid scratches

Domestic cat wild mode is still running when they enter the home through the cat flap

In the inimitable words of Dr. Desmond Morris in his excellent book on cat behaviour CATWATCHING the cat caregiver should be aware of the fact that their cat leads a double life. “The cat leads a double life. In the home it is an overgrown kitten gazing up at its human owners. Out on …

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