Find happiness in the day-to-day mundane, friends and family and your cat or dog

Barbra Streisand

I’ve just read Giles Coren’s comment article in The Times today, November 11, 2023 which discusses Barbra Streisand’s statement when promoting her memoir in which she said that she hasn’t had fun in her life and that she wants to have some fun now and ‘live life’ which in her words, means: “I want …

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Happy cat campaign tip 3 – physical levelling up

Happy cat campaign tip 3 - the physical levelling up

Making our cats happy is our number one goal as cat caregivers. There are many ways to do it. Under this campaign I have already suggested two but there are thousands more on this website. This is the third tip in my happy cat campaign. It is about tackling what is a barrier between …

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Happy cat campaign tip 1 – the discarded cardboard box

Gabs in his box

I am running two campaigns at the moment and they overlap. One is to promote domestic cat happiness. Sounds childish almost but it’s not. It’s about remembering our responsibilities towards our cat companions. After providing security, warmth and sustenance it is down to cat caregivers to make their cat happy! Of course, the owner …

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12 facts on keeping an indoor cat happy

Classy cat window box

I have written on this topic many times before! Repetition comes to mind but each article is different as is this one. I am listing 12 facts in bullet fashion for ease of reading; speed reading which I think a lot of internet users employ these days. Web surfers flit from one site to …

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Duty of cat caregiver: (1) keep them safe and (2) find ways to make them happy

Grooming my cat by flea combing around his neck region which is where fleas congregate because a cat cannot groom their themselves

There are many ways to make your cat happy. One of them is shown in the video which I’ve just made. A nothing video. It is not meant to be something great. It is just meant to be an example of how cat caregivers can make their cat happy. In this instance it is …

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Magical domestic cat wonderland where artificial intelligence makes them happier

Magical cat world

BRIGHTON, UK – CAT STUDY: This is an unusual experiment concerning an unusual group of cats. A glimpse into the future. Three cats: a father whose name is Ghostbuster and his two offspring, Pumpkin and Clover live together for part of the day in a magical wonderland for cats measuring 11′ x 15′ x …

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9 ways to be happier including learning from your cat

9 ways to be happier which includes learning from your cat

Here are 9 ways to be happier which includes learning from your cat. According to Meik Wiking, the founder and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute (HRI) in Denmark there are eight ways to be happier and one of them means learning from your cat’s behaviour, so I’ll start with that. I have made …

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