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  1. IBD is a tough situation all around for cats and caretakers. It’s so stressful for both. You want to help your cat and, your cat doesn’t want to displease you.
    I think that most people would find a completely raw diet to be too expensive, so they stick with the rice, wheat, corn filled food and feel frustrated every day. It’s not all about a cat allergy to those things. All cats lack amylase in their saliva that would help them digest carbohydrates. However, some cats systems deal with it all in a better way.
    There are many advertised grain-free cat foods on the market, but it’s tricky to find one that is nutritionally sound, not too high in protein (too much protein can damaged livers), and not too high in fat (liver also). It’s a trial and error and worth taking the time to do.
    If all fails, there are many sites that will discuss how to make homemade cat food. In my world, adding oats ( cooked and nixing with wet food) was the answer many times

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