Natural Instinct’s raw cat food gave two cat owners tuberculosis via their cats

Michael Groves and Roxy

Natural Instinct’s raw cat food gave bovine tuberculosis (bTB) to two Bengal cats. ASSOCIATED – RECENT: Homemade cat food recipes fall short of required standard Natural Instinct’s raw wild venison cat food has been implicated in giving bovine tuberculosis to … please continue reading

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Savannah cat eats raw chicken at A1 Savannahs

Raw chicken, without more, does not represent a balanced raw cat food diet. Raw diets for cats are becoming quite popular notwithstanding that veterinarians advise against them because of the difficulties of storing raw food without bacterial issues including cross … please continue reading

Processed food is bad for humans but we almost always feed cats processed food

Cat food ingredients

Chemically processed food with a large number of ingredients and which is high in carbohydrates is recognized as not being an ideal food for humans. I believe that, nowadays, the general consensus is that processed foods are a major contributor … please continue reading