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Fifth of UK cat owners don’t know that their cat is a carnivore — 7 Comments

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  2. I must be a well educated anal retentive cat owner. I monitor every bite that goes in their bowls. I’ve been known to toss 3 dollar cans of cat food because I didn’t heal the seal break when I popped the lid. I read the ingredients on everything. That said two of my cats love a few licks of cream and BabyMook will circle for a smidge of butter.
    I believe one of the tasks for keeping an indoor cat truly happy is a diet that satisfies their true needs not the ones assigned to them by some pet food company. Animals that feel right nutritionally tend to be happier mentally as well and more content. We talk a lot about proper mental stimulation for a house cat but seldom talk about the food then need to feel right.

  3. This article is very thorough and good job, Michael.
    All I can add is that the list of unacceptable foods, with percentages of people who allow, is enough to give any caretaker a stroke.

  4. Michael, I totally agree with your conclusion about cat nutrition and overall standards of cat caretaking.💜💜🐾

    • Thanks. The pet food manufacturers rely on ignorance in their customers to sell products which could be a lot better.

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