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How much is a male calico cat worth? — 28 Comments

    • Super cat and a rare cat. He is probably worth the same as most purebred cats ($500-$1000 about) plus a bit extra to take into account those people who are interested in owning a rare cat. So maybe he is worth around $1,500 but that is speculating. He worth is what the market dictates ultimately. You’ll have to prove pedigree with genuine documentation if you sell on the basis that he is purebred.

  1. This is my boy Zig. Would his markings be considered as calico? These photos do not do his coat (pinkish/orange patches against grey/black patches on white) justice, but it’s the best I could do, as he’s a kitten & never sits still.

  2. Oh it worked!
    That’s him sleeping just now. Kinda looks like one of those images of Jesus on a piece of toast.
    His name is Baby Cheeses… It’s a spoof on a Sofia Vergara line from Modern Family.

  3. My husband, Bobby, brought me and my red headed pit bull, Ginger Snapps (2.5 yrs) a male calico kitten (approx 4 mnths) from his Aunt and Uncle on Oct 10th. His Aunt’s cat had a litter of four. One solid black male, a solid gray female and 2 male calicos. How rare can they really be if she had 2 in her first litter? Now I do keep a close eye on my Oscar Kat.I know a lot of people would think he’s worth a lot of money and would not think twice to snatch him up. Just as I keep a close eye on my dog because saddly there are people who would want to breed her to make money off her pups or try to fight her. Many people want a rare animal cat or dog and dogs such as pit bulls as a status symbol and many times those pets are neglected. they are more than pets to me but are more like my children.
    I tell you what would be rare and I’d love to have is a six toed male calico with one green eye and one blue eye. I’d definitely adopt that kitty and add him to our happy little family.

    • “a six toed male calico with one green eye and one blue eye”

      Thanks for sharing and nice to know that you have two male calicos.

      Super rare. Unique I’d say 😉

    • Hi.
      I’m wondering if anyone purchased your calico male. I inadvertantly adopted a very young Calico female who turned out to be pregnant with four kitties born September 9, 2017 right before Irma hit. One of them is a beautiful calico with a very large crucifix design on it’s back in brown and white.
      When one idiot neighbor discovered this, he told two friends and they told two friends… I live in a neighborhood full of lowlifes and crackheads who have now taken to casing my house apparently under the belief there is someone nearby with an open offer of 4k$ for a calico male. I’m sure some lowlife is going to try and steal this cat if there are really people buying Calico males for this kind of money. I guess what I want to know is if these kind of offers are real. If what is stated above is true about the odds of them being chimera, I would have to concur, with my guy(Baby Cheeses) as he looks pretty symmetrical right down his spine.
      Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

  4. I often get asked this and I see hopeful seller listings on Craigslist (& similar) trying to get high prices for such cats and I have to disappoint them. Once these cats might be valuable for researching the genetic conditions that caused them. Nowadays all that is needed are tissue samples from the different coloured areas and possibly a blood sample.

    Male calicos/torties are actually not worth any more than a bicolour cat of the same variety. Several have been rehomed by various cat shelters for the normal rehoming fee. They are also neutered the same as any other cat.

    In pedigree cats there is no show class for tortoiseshell/tortie-and-white male and they have to be shown as Any Other Colour or Variety. If fertile they breed for either the red-based colour or for the black-based colour, but not for both so their value as studs is the same as for a normal stud of that breed. If not used as studs, they are neutered.

    Sorry Michael, with the advancement of science, tortie & calico toms aren’t valuable and are turning out to be more common than previously believed.

    • Many thanks for your comment. I need to thank you even though it is a very late thank you. I thought that you’d comment on this 😉

    • Male calico cats are rare, 1/3000 calicos are male. The price of a calico male all differs on whether someone is willing to pay that. The on going debate on the price is a matter of opinion. However, i believe a calico male cat is worth 2k or more. Sometimes less.

  5. This just came up with an old thread elsewhere with someone wanting to know how much a male calico would be worth for breeding. Which would be about zero unless they were fertile and had papers but you would likely not be able to reproduce more male calicos.
    I suppose someone would pay money for a beautiful cat but I’d worry they were only interested in having a novelty.

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