Abandoned calico kitten had given up in middle of country road before rescue

Calico kitten in middle of country road had given up but is rescued

Another kitten rescue from TikTok. A nice one. Lovely woman. There are many cat rescues on social media. Some (hopefully rarely) are sadly contrived and even set up but this one is genuine except that in days gone by no one rescuing a kitten from the middle of a country road where they had …

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Can tortoiseshell cats have white?

Calico cat or tortoiseshell and white

To fill out the question, it is asking if tortoiseshell cats can have some white fur in addition to the usual black plus orange tabby and the answer is yes but in the United States they refer to tortoiseshell cats with some white fur as ‘calico cats’. In the UK the cat fancy has …

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Picture of a veterinarian showing off an exceedingly rare male calico cat’s private parts

1 in 3000 rare male calico cat in the hands of an Asian vet

This is the tweet (plus my comment) accompanying a photo of a Philippine veterinarian proudly showing off a male calico cat’s private parts. Not so private. A bit undignified but I guess he felt it necessary to prove that he had come across a rare male calico cat. They are as rare as tortoiseshell …

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Feline ‘freckles’ (9 facts)

Feline freckles on a ginger tabby which upsets the owner

Here are 9 facts about feline ‘freckles’ aka lentigo. Lentigo can infrequently cause alarm in cat owners. One asked on social media: “What is this all over my cat’s nose and mouth? And are there any possible treatments?”. They were referring to their ginger cat above. The words come from a Reddit.com user, and …

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by Heather (Clarkesville, GA) Ranger Ranger (orange) and his sister Gri (calico) shortly after we brought them home. My sweet 7-month-old kitty looks exactly like your sweet Tanje. His name is Ranger and when we brought him and his sister home, he decidedly took to climbing up me and sleeping on my back at …

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