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  1. I once went to a Sierra Club “pot luck” dinner where some jokers brought a blue plastic plate with a can of something in the middle and tortilla chips surrounding it. A few diners helped themselves to the “appetizer” and then some of us began to wonder what was in the can. It turned out to be a can of cat food.

    • Nice story. Interesting that they ate or at least partly ate the cat food until you wondered what it was so it must’ve tasted less than appetising but apparently edible!

  2. Starving Venezuelans ate their pets to survive, just 2 – 3 years ago.
    Or you can starve & die. ‘Splain that to your hungry kids.

  3. Just to poke a hole in your not eating carnivores the royal. They are eaten all the time lots of seafood are carnivores,chickens,turkey,bear,mountain lion,pigs,snakes,gator, just to name a few

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  8. This isn’t bad it’s like eating meat from another animal i mean i don’t eat cat but its not cruel to eat meat and for vegans out there it’s not healthy to not eat meat mo offense but its the circle of life if we didnt kill them they would kill us

    • Hi Kikky. I understand you argument but I don’t think we should eat companion animals. We should eat animals that are reared specifically for eating (farm livestock) but we should treat companions animals differently. People say that their cat is part of the family, a family member. Therefore, throughout her life and after it we should treat a cat as a family member. We don’t eat family members.

    • There is no need to eat any dead flesh these days, there are plenty of much healthier alternatives. Most ‘food’ animals live and die horribly, they are born simply to die, how can that be right?
      Animals don’t kill us, they only want to live and let live and vegans and vegetarians are very healthy people who do just that.

      • Yes, it is time for humans to move on and become more refined in their behavior. I guess it is about development, evolution and being civilised! We are not there yet. Some people are more advanced than others.

        • As long as we are trying to do our best is the main thing, it takes time but we can each do it in our own time and make a small difference and surely IF the human race survives, one day we will all be civilised at long last. But I think that day is a long long way off yet.

  9. I am having a dispute with my my neighbors and I would like to eat their cat as a show of my discontent about the situation…I caught the cat the last day and i put a santa hat on it and took many pictures of the cat so i can send them as a Christmas card to the nabours! cue evil laughing ha ha ha ha ha coff coff…ect!!! unfortunatly the lovley cat escaped even thow i offered it some salmon and tasty bits of food to faten it up for eating party fun time we planed! is there a way i can entise the cat to come and live with us and forsake the evil nabours?..nam nam tasty cat
    your sincerely
    roisin and co.
    p.s how long do you soke the cat again? can i cook it with out an oven?

    • Your comment is either meant to be funny or it is the ramblings of a madman 😉 I presume it is meant to be funny. I don’t find it funny. Leave the cat alone and try and be a decent person. Your neighbor is irresponsible though. Have you discussed the matter with your neighbor?

  10. ever hear the saying “there’s more than one way to skin a cat? the best way i found is to grasp the cat by the neck very firmly with one hand. not too loose or it’ll spin and claw the ever livin’ $h!t outta your arm and not too tight, you’ll break it’s neck and you need it alive and concious for the next step. now with your other hand grab an handful of skin along it’s back and rip it open. the excruciating pain and burning will cause the cat to jump out of it’s skin. now it’s ready to cook. bon appetit

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