Marketing jewellery with the help of cats

I think I like this, although I expect some cat lovers won’t. The photograph is, of course, copyright protected so I admit to being naughty in publishing it here but…it is interesting (complaint?: please comment). The is one of a … please continue reading

Turkey’s cats are largely respected thanks to practicing Muslims

If you are Turkish and a true adherent of the Islam faith you’ll treat all cats well because you’ll follow the ancient Hadiths of the Islamic faith.  Also, with Turkey developing Western ideas about animal rights amongst the educated, urban … please continue reading

Northern Ireland: No killing of feral cats. Rehomed Instead

This is a very positive story about how to look after feral cats. It comes from Bangor, Northern Ireland. There is a planned development on a piece of land near the seafront to regenerate the area. There are also around … please continue reading

Cat Management Laws of Tasmania

Tasmania has adopted a very honest approach to “cat shelters”. They call them “cat management facilities”. That does sound a bit dark and mysterious but it is a much better name because the word “shelter” is often wholly inappropriate as … please continue reading

The Latest News For The Chester Fan Club

Chester has a few pages scattered around here on PoC but I thought it would be nice to have a new page with some of the old photos of him and also new ones as Marion takes them of his … please continue reading

USA: Animal Shelter Opt-out Clause To Euthanise

In general, across the United States, animal shelters have an obligation to hold, for a certain period of time, animals that are brought to them before considering euthanising the animal. This obligation comes from the law and it varies slightly from … please continue reading

Japanese Attitudes Towards Cats and Dogs

The Japanese have distinctly different attitudes to cat and dog ownership compared to people in Europe and North America. Although there is some overlap. “People don’t want an adult dog — they want to get a dog when it is … please continue reading

Kind British Cop and Vet save French Cat

This is a story of kindness from a British police officer and a British veterinarian who together managed to reunite a French tabby cat with his French owners in Le Havre after he had taken a cross channel ferry to … please continue reading