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How to Tell Cat Abuse — 9 Comments

  1. In addition, Jenna said they had killed 200 by the 4th of April, then that she had killed 67 by the 6th of April. Hard to keep lies straight?

  2. There is a name for people who torture animals, and receive pleasure out of it – sociopath. Michael, she can’t understand caring about others, especially animals.
    But, life has a way of sorting things out.

  3. I hate cats with a passion. I enjoy seeing them suffer, and killed.
    People who are passionate about them bother me as much as cats do.
    Feral cats should be eradicated. I live in Australia, thankfully the government has declared open season on any cats outside.
    My husband and l have trapped and killed at least 200.
    People who love their cats should keep them inside always because of people like me who will kill them

    • Well, you know, I hate humans like you with a passion. I hate idiot people like you. You disgust me. You are clearly an uneducated, idiotic individual without a heart. I would like to do to you what you do to cats. It would bring me great pleasure to see you suffer as you make cats suffer. And you should be kept inside as you suggest cats should be. In fact to be kept behind bars for the rest of your life.

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