I feel my Bengal cat has become distanced from me

I feel my Bengal cat has become distanced from me

by Tonya

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I had this beautiful little thing wander up and start wrapping himself around my feet. I did not know what I was getting into when he came up!

I had no idea but he is definitely a wild thing! I had him and he was perfect for 6 months!

He grew larger and larger and longer and longer. I had to replace the little box for a larger one. Then, I had to get rid of that one and get a large open box that a small dog could easily play in.

He got a bite wound. and his personality started to change. Next, I got him fixed. Next he had a huge ear infection that I thought was ear mites! Turned out to be an allergic reaction to my ear mite medication.

So many horrible things for him in such a short time. He has become timid and scared. I let him out and that was a huge, huge mistake.

My other cat goes out and he did not like not being able to go out too! He is so athletic! he climbs trees with a wild abandon!

I love to watch him run because it is exactly like watching a large cat run over the Serengeti planes or something.

He is so beautiful to behold. But, after all the veterinarian visits he only comes to me when he is hungry or thirsty!

He is afraid I am going to take him to the vet's again or something. My poor small house is not big enough for this majestic beast!

I love him.. I absolutely do.. I am afraid I have lost him to the wild! I wish he would come home, my Mr. Itty Bitty Kitty!


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I feel my Bengal cat has become distanced from me

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Jul 04, 2011 Give him time to forgive
by: Brandy

its hard for our kitties when we take them to the vet or something wrong happens. They feel we hurt them or betrayed them by leaving them at the vet.

Make sure to always have a pocket full of his favorite treat so when he does come to get some attention you treat him with a yummy snack (my favorite are all natural freeze dried chicken treats)

Get a laser pointer and go out of your way to be entertaining to him. The outside has so many wonders you got to imagine you are a bit boring compared so really try to make it up. I play games where i run and hide and my cat chases me, finds me, then i chase him, its just a fun little game that keeps him interested inside. (my kitties are indoor ones so they dont care too much about outside but they have so much to do inside)

Have you tried honeysuckle and catnip as another way for him to enjoy his time inside?

With time and your effort im sure he will need your cuddles again.

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