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Indoor cats are shortsighted — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks a thousand times Michael, this was very informative for me, <3 🙂
    Need more articles on different cat body parts from your side <3

  2. It’s not just cats who can lose their far vision when only having to focus on things up close to them. Since the school year started and I’m teaching nearly full time my far vision is total crap all of a sudden. When I was spending more time hiking outside it was really good. I can correct the problem by forcing myself to focus on very distant objects during my commute to and from work and by making sure to take time to get outside and look at some objects in the distance. I’ve noticed this happen before, when I was studying a lot in school and not getting out much. Then I happened to drive at night and I noticed distance lights starting to resemble blurry blobs. I’m quite nearsighted to begin with so maybe others don’t have this issue. Monty goes out, but he’s confined to a smallish fenced yard. My guess is his distance vision is not too good either.

      • I can see up close without my glasses because I am so myopic. My glasses have very small lenses. I just perk under them when I need to read something. That doesn’t make me feel old at all. NOT!

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