Infographic guide on the characteristics of cat diarrhoea

A 'poop emoji' if you are interested
A ‘poop emoji’ if you are interested. Image in the public domain.
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This is an infographic guide for cat sh*t shovelers 😎😒. Full-time indoor cats and some indoor/outdoor cats use litter trays. A great opportunity for their caregiver to inspect the stool (faeces) which is good because it helps keep a handle on cat health. They (the amateur experts) say that if a cat goes to the toilet outside it does not afford the caregiver the opportunity to check their faeces. This is a potential oversight. I agree. Sadly, at present I don’t check my cat’s stool as he goes outside. This infographic provides some pointers on the causes of diarrhoea, which as you know is a symptom of illness and not an illness per se. The usual warning needs to be given namely that there is no substitute for taking your cat to a good vet when needs must. The source of the information is good; four vets: Delbert Carlson DVM, his daughter Liisa D. Carlson DVM, James M. Giffin MD and Debra M. Eldredge DVM.

Infographic on 'Characteristics of cat diarrhoea'
Infographic on ‘Characteristics of cat diarrhoea’. Prepared by MikeB on PoC. Click on the infographic to see it larger.

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