Do interactive (puzzle) cat feeders work?

Interactive puzzle feeder for cats

Yes, in my experience, they work very well. Cats instinctively use them without any training in my experience although it is fairly limited as I live with one cat who used it instinctively for the first time. Cats manage to get the dry cat food pellets out of the feeder without any problem in …

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Can antibiotics cause diarrhoea in cats?

Antibiotics can cause diarrhea in cats

You could ask the same question about humans, dogs or other animals. And certainly, antibiotics can cause diarrhoea in cats. Note the word ‘can’. You do not have to search far to come to that conclusion. AAD For instance, in the human world, they even have an acronym on the topic. It is AAD …

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My cat is perfectly clean but smells of poop. What’s up?

Young black cat who smells of poop despite looking clean

It’s a simple question and it probably justifies an equally simple answer. I can think of two possible reasons; the first of which is probably the correct one. Your cat is using the litter box and it is not uncommon, as you might imagine, for domestic cats to walk on their poop when they …

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Infographic guide on the characteristics of cat diarrhoea

Infographic on 'Characteristics of cat diarrhoea'

This is an infographic guide for cat sh*t shovelers 😎😒. Full-time indoor cats and some indoor/outdoor cats use litter trays. A great opportunity for their caregiver to inspect the stool (faeces) which is good because it helps keep a handle on cat health. They (the amateur experts) say that if a cat goes to …

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Giardia in domestic cats and smelly poop


There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about domestic cat smelly poop😒. An unpleasant topic but one that needs to be addressed, nonetheless. There are many potential reasons for smelly poop. One reason is that the faeces are not, in fact, particularly smelly but the cat’s caregiver is sensitive to smell. They …

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Sphynx cats producing nightmarish amounts of smelly slushy poop

Sphynx from Russia bred and photographed by Dana Danilova Sphynx Cattery Dani Danati

On my travels through the Internet today I have bumped into what appears to be a huge problem with Sphynx cats: smelly, loose stools in nightmarish quantities. There really are some horror stories on the Internet. One Sphynx owner says that she changes the entire litter tray every time her cat goes to the …

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Woman feeds Siamese kitten like a baby with bottled milk. Kind or misguided?

Siamese cat drinks milk from a baby bottle while being cradled as a baby

This is an unusual story which comes from South Africa, and I’m pleased to pick it up because it is a little bit different, and it is about something which I have an opinion. A video on Facebook shows a “domestic worker” feeding a Siamese kitten with milk from a baby bottle as if …

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