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Is there a cover-up over mycotoxins in cat food in the UK? — 3 Comments

  1. We are of one mind on this topic then. I would feed my cat homemade raw organ meat if I knew what to include in what proportions for his age. He is a 17 year old ginger pixie-bob tomcat I’ve had for 12 years. The last time I tried to get him to eat raw food, I couldn’t get him to touch it. Other than that, he’s never been finicky at all, unlike previous cats I’ve had.

  2. It’s so hard to know what is best to feed our cats. I don’t know about Britain (sorry to hear about all the mycotoxin deaths) but here in America, we have AAFCO (American Animal Feed)standards, that are confusing and not much help in choosing what to feed your cat. All cat food you can find supposedly meets these standards but if high on one measure, say protein, is low on others, or high in bad points such as moisture, fiber, or fillers. Brands that say they are “grain-free” are full of other plant starches such as peas or potatos. There are brands that are recommended by veterinarians, but upon looking at their ingredients, which are no better or even worse than other brands, it is hard to see why. Perhaps cynically one suspects that paid junket symposiums or other remuneration is involved. We’ve had our recalls over here as well.

    • I fully agree. I sometimes believe that the manufacturers deliberately make things confusing to allow themselves to make crappy products to improve their profits. The best food should be raw homemade to match the mouse in content. Very few cat owners do it.

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