Petco will insist that pet food products they sell are free of artificial ingredients

Cat food

Petco will be stopping the sale of pet food with artificial ingredients: flavors, colors and preservatives. That’s what they say. They believe it is a good business strategy even if currently products containing artificial ingredients provide sales of $100m for … please continue reading

Triclosan (TCS): an example of how pet food manufacturers risk the health of our cats

TCS can harm cats

It is time for commercial pet food manufacturers to be more concerned about how their products can harm domestic cats. There are too many instances of sloppy manufacturing which hints at a poor attitude by the manufacturers towards pet health. … please continue reading

Heavy Metals in Pet Food is Between 8 and 670 Times Higher Than in Human Food

Heavy metals in pet food are carcinogenic

Heavy metal levels in pet food is between eight and 670-times higher than in human food and none was within a level considered safe for humans as found in a study. Veterinary Opinion Karen Becker, a veterinarian, says that if … please continue reading

Cat food contains too much phosphorus causing kidney damage

Cat who had chronic kidney disease (CKD)

A scientific study shows that the levels of phosphorus in commercially prepared cat food (particularly in wet cat food) contains an average five times the amount required to keep cats healthy and because of this it can have a detrimental … please continue reading