by Bobbie

Izzaboo, aka, ‘Izzy’ came to us in the most unusual circumstances. I was sitting in the driveway, waiting for my daughter, as we were attending a graduation party, when out of my peripheral vision, observed, something being ‘carried’ towards the back of the house.

I decided to investigate. I cautiously stepped around the trash can, and heard, rather then saw. I heard hissing, and spitting on this tiny, fluff ball of a creature that had been “dropped off”, and leaning against the trash can.

I cautiously picked her up, checked to make sure she was OK, (meanwhile, spitting and hissing at me the entire time).

My daughter came out of the house and I showed her my finding. She immediately fell in love and said, “Can we keep her?” Mind you, we already have two rescue dogs in our home, a male Schnauzer and a female Pitbull. I thought, this isn’t going to be a good thing, since the dogs don’t like cats, one bit!

My daughter stuck her in her purse and toted her around for a couple of hours, (at the graduation party.) We also managed to name the little fluff ball in the process. I estimated Izzy to be approx. five weeks old.

I found myself going to the store, buying replacement milk, kitty litter, food, you name it. Izzy stayed in a crate, as she was SO tiny, and we wanted to gradually introduce to her the other family members (dogs).

Well, imagine my surprise as Izzy touched the carpet for the first time, and IMMEDIATELY ran sideways over to the two dogs, and slapped both of them!!

I went to grab for Izzy, yell at the dogs, “No!” when our Pitbull began to ‘bathe’ her. It was one of most endearing things I’ve ever seen. Izzy is now approximately six months.

My daughter and I happened to be watching a special on A&E, and there was a story on an NFC (Norwegian Forest Cat – I never knew there was such a breed) and everything they described, and pictures we saw, pointed to Izzy being one. After further investigation, it has been confirmed. How is the world did we end up with a NFC??? It boggles my mind, but we love our Izzaboo, she rules the roost, let me tell you!

Both dogs give her a wide berth…unless she wants attention, and then she’s the first to snuggle with the dogs, or simply lay, “close by.” Izzy isn’t one to be held, rarely meows (and at times she meows so softly, we strain to hear, her). She’s very inquisitive, intelligent and simply, beautiful.

I don’t know why we were ‘picked’ but, so happy that we were. Little did I know that a month later, we would be blessed with a tiny, imp, of a Bombay kitten. Again, both these babies came to us, as wild (feral) kittens. Our lives have thoroughly been enriched with these awesome additions. Izzy is distinctively, my daughter’s, and Peekaboo, clearly prefers me. Thanks for allowing me to share our story!


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Nov 06, 2010
by: Michael

What a lovely, warm and enriching story. Thanks, Bobbie, for sharing it. It is some ‘good news’ which is what we all need!

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