Social media celebrity biking couple Travis and Sigrid involved in RTA

Travis and Sigrid knocked off their bike by a passing motorcyclist at traffic lights in London traffic resulting in him being criticised on social media for, I guess, endangering his cat.

Temporarily, the celebrity of the biking couple Travis and Sigrid came crashing to the ground in a road traffic accident. It resulted in thousands of criticisms of Travis Nelson on social media which is the exact opposite to what he would like to see. You may have bumped into Travis and Sigrid on your …

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Did the Vikings bring the first domestic cats to North America?

Vikings brought the cat to North America?

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about the first domestic cats in America. We are sure that early Americans, around 10,000 years ago, did not domesticate a wild cat species and thereby create the first domestic cat. That happened in and around what is now Syria with the North African wildcat. So, the …

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Norwegian Forest Cat facts for kids

Norwegian Forest Cat

This page on the Norwegian Forest Cat for kids is simplified in language and content. It can be reused under a creative commons license. The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” …

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‘Pans Truls’ the ORIGINAL Norwegian Forest tomcat born 1st of May 1973

Pans Truls. The original Norwegian Forest Cat

Pans Truls (Pan’s Truls) is the original Norwegian Forest (NFC) tomcat from which the breed standard was written, and it still applies today. This is the original and the guiding light of the entire breed. An important cat. I find it interesting. It is the first time that I have seen a photograph of …

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Judge awards Norwegian Forest Cat the best of its breed at cat show and 3rd best overall

Judging an NFC at a cat show and pointing out the equilateral triangle of the face conformation

This is a nice video of a cat show judge assessing a Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) on the judge’s table with an audience of visitors listening. In effect, he lectures the visitors as to the major points of interest in the cat before him; a ginger tabby-and-white. There is a large scratching post to …

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Norwegian Forest Cat’s head should be an equilateral triangle (cf. Maine Coon)

NFC (Norwegian Forest Cat) head is an equilateral triangle

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) breed standard for the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) the head shape should be an ‘equilateral triangle’ “where all sides are of equal length as measured from the outside of the base of the ear to the point of the chin. The neck is short and heavily muscled.” …

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