Jason Jensen provides background investigations report on Sage the Cat torture case

Jason K Jensen
Jason K Jensen
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Jensen Investigations have provided an interim report after two days on their background investigations concerning the notorious Sage the Cat torture death case. Jason’s conclusion will dismay many people who want justice for this sweet cat. I quote a valued visitor to this site, Michele, who in comment sums up the feelings of many:

“….he has cleared everyone in the family after 2 days. I am appalled and angry. How could he possibly do that in 2 days? He is treating people who donated to his fund like they are idiots. He claims they don’t have a violent history to abuse animals. Animal abuse isn’t done out in public and discussed by the perpetrator. I am so angry right now and feel very deceived. Many vets have stated that there is no way that Sage ever left that house with the injuries he sustained, let alone crawled home and went through the pet door as his owner claims. Many believe that one of the owners slammed his head into the wall when they got angry about something which is why his nose is black and his face is pushed in. Jensen Investigations should be ashamed of themselves, he cleared all of the suspects in 2 days? OK, so now what? A random maniac went to that neighborhood and knew exactly when and where Sage would be? He really must think people are idiots.”

Jason K Jensen was hired to investigate the crime because the police have paused or ceased their investigations. He has provided a brief updating report on the Facebook page of Justice the Sage Neighbourhood Watch.

To quote, he says:

“We’ve received numerous tips and inquiries concerning the Sage the cat torture death. Thank you for your interest. Here’s an update. We concluded our background investigations and have ruled out the possibility that anyone inside Sage’s home was responsible for his death. None of them have the violent history that would be consistent with the monster who tortured this feline. The person that did this was extremely angry and wanted to send a message to someone living there. Now to the next stage, we will be scheduling a meeting with Clearfield police investigators. Please stay tuned.”

As you can see, he has ruled out the possibility that someone living in the home tortured Sage. In previous posts I had initially stated that someone tortured Sage just outside the house and then put him through the cat flap so that he was found inside the home by the cat flap. Subsequently, in another post I felt certain that somebody known to Sage’s owner living, in the home at the time, had tortured and killed the cat. It appears that I was incorrect.

Man living with cat’s owner in family home tortured Sage the cat

Those who were living inside the home at the time of the crime are, it seems, free and clear and no longer suspects at least as far as Jensen Investigations are concerned.

We will have to wait for the next interim report from Jensen Investigations once they have spoken to the police. One thing seems certain: the perpetrator of this crime knew Sage’s owner very well and wanted to make some sort of statement against her. Sage was used a tool in a war between people. But we should remain open to alternative scenarios. There may be a twist in this story.

I will do my best to update people as soon as I hear the news.

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6 thoughts on “Jason Jensen provides background investigations report on Sage the Cat torture case”

  1. I believe anyone with a few functioning brain cells knows what happened here and the small group of possible suspects that used Sage to send a message to the owners for whatever personal grievance was going on in that house.
    There is a slim to zero chance this was a random act of violence.
    May all of them that participated in Sage’s torture and the owners who I believe are simpering cowards for not telling exactly what happened and why rot in hell.

  2. this is so sad and makes me very angry, don’t give up people, keep asking questions, write letters to the newspaper, put up posters asking for information, rewards only bring in liars mostly. Rest assure, though, when Sage died, she went immediately to heaven as all animals do and is with Jesus happy healthy and having a ball. I know my ‘fur babies’ are there and knowing Jesus I will see them all again. Prayers.

  3. Michele is right about one thing only, “… people who donated to his fund … are idiots …”

    The same kind of idiots that lost $63,000,00 of their money to yet another ASPCA “reward” scam.

    Are the funds for this investigator going directly to him? Or to someone else first who then pays him? If it is the latter scenario then I suspect they will now use the ever-pending situation to scam even more people out of their money for their own use. Maybe they can start a 3rd fund-raiser to investigate the investigator! They can keep this going for years and make a good living from those donations on the never-ending supply of idiots. It’s what the ASPCA and HSUS does, why should the individual be denied the same chance to get wealthy by exploiting suffering and tortured animals in the media. It wouldn’t be fair.

    Do it up right and you can amass as much as $38 million in only 5 years. Check out Becky Robinson’s (of Alley Cat AlLies) tax forms for the last 5 years, and even had enough excess to dump $3 million of it into the stock-market for herself. That’s how much she made by creating a never-ending supply of TNR road-kill cats to exploit in social media. You can become that wealthy too! Is she back from her extended posh Hawaii vacation yet this year? I heard she was then headed to Alaska to beat the August heat. Then maybe frolicking in posh hotels in Australia again for her winter retreat.

    If you aren’t scamming everyone as good as she and HSUS and ASPCA do by exploiting suffering animals for your own gain then you’re just not doing it right.

    • Your comment is rude and disrespectful. You have also deliberately misread Michele’s statement to serve your argument. It just shows us how biased and bigoted you are when you fail to read things properly. Michele was referring to the private investigator and was not referring to the donations.

      You are calling people idiots who made donations to a reward to help to find the perpetrator of this crime. That is a terribly rude thing to do. These are good people who want to help. They want to find this criminal. They want to do good. The money will be used to help other cats or it may still be used as a reward because the person has not been found.

      You are very lucky that I have published your comment. I was in two minds not to. But in the interests of transparency and freedom of speech I have published it. Any future comment you make will be moderated.

      If you are equally rude in any future comments it will not be published and you will be banned permanently.


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