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Man living with cat’s owner in family home tortured Sage the cat — 8 Comments

  1. I read this story thinking I would learn how many years in prison the perpetrator received for this horrible crime. I can’t even put into words how upsetting it was to me to find that he is still at large, even though the police pretty much know who did it. The problem is that prosecutors like to know they can get a conviction. No one saw him do it, or if they did they are afraid of him. With good reason, probably.

    I was feeling really good after a few days up north, swimming in the river and taking long walks with my mom. I was shocked at how quickly recalling Sage’s suffering could put a pall over my spirit and just leave me deeply depressed when I had been feeling happy and light before reading this article.

    • Sorry the article dampened your spirits, Ruth. It did the same for me. I think the police have enough evidence to arrest him and perhaps charge him. It is about commitment at the end of the day.

  2. He needs to be prosecuted and put away, never to own a pet again. It infuriates me when someone hurts a defenseless animal!

    • Yes, we did. It has panned out the way we thought even down to the failure of the police to get the perpetrator of this horrible crime.

      • Shoving a tortured cat back through the owners cat flap has always sounded off.
        I believe in this version , too late to go back and read again the cats owners say they were in a back room with the door shut and would not have been able to hear the cat crying. If it was their cat why wasn’t it with them Here it is, do I have it wrong or is this one of the owners ?

        quote- Alex and I had a separate room from the house. So we couldn’t have heard Sage cry out.

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