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Leash laws against free-roaming cats means death for Murfreesboro shelter cats — 8 Comments

  1. There isn’t enough widespread statistical information happening. Rescue groups can only do so much.
    When a horse wins the Kentucky Derby or the Cubs win the pennant, it’s all over the news.

    But, when a shelter has a 50% reduction rate in euthanasia, it’s not considered news. So, no other counties get that information.

    Some of our remedies here have include posting that information wherever it is legal and showing up to city/county council meetings to be heard.

    It worked well here. However, TNR advocates and rescues still need to stay on top of kill shelters to make certain they are not being lax by ignoring eartips or not checking for microchips.

  2. The issue is always going to be the source of the problem. Humans who do not spay and neuter and dump their cats outside when they become sexually mature and no longer cute. Some shelter euthanize any cat that acts feral in their opinion. Which my friends could be your house fluff lost and scared to death.

  3. You’re right, the numbers don’t lie. That’s why the UK has been practicing TNR since the 1950’s, and all you’ve managed to do is increase your stray cat populations from 4.1 million in 1965 to 8.1 million in 2015. The trouble is, when are YOU going to quit lieing? It’s clear the numbers aren’t lying, but you are.

    • Hi Woody. How are you? You mispelled lying. TNR in the UK is not a big thing. We don’t do a lot of it as far as I know. Also you’ll need to tell me your source for the figures that you have quoted. Even then they won’t be reliable as all feral cat population numbers are essentially guesswork. You know that.

  4. I think this ordinance is a bit backward. TNR is considered the best way. It is gaining traction I believe in the USA as the only humane way of dealing with feral cats so to prevent it under ordinance is unenlightened.

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