Plum Borough wants ordinance to hold feral cat caregivers responsible for cat care and subject to fines

Feral cats - a family

An ordinance concerning the feral cats in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania remains under debate after approximately 30 people came to a November 5 workshop meeting to discuss whether or not people should be allowed to befriend and feed feral cats in … please continue reading

Humane Society to try oral contraceptives on feral cats on Galveston Island

Cat stalking bird Galveston

The Galveston County Daily News reports that the Galveston Island Humane Society is thinking about trying an oral contraceptive on feral cats on the island in conjunction with standard TNR programs. Jim Stevenson – world’s most notorious cat website troll … please continue reading

Cat rescued during the Hurricane Florence flooding in NC has now turned into a search for a feral cat who desperately needs a home

This is the story of a cat rescued during the North Carolina flooding in September that has now turned into a search for a feral cat who desperately needs a home. A $100 reward is being offered. Every now and … please continue reading

Los Angeles feral cat colony caretaker needs URGENT help from fellow cat lovers

Barbara Yabor - feral cat colony caretaker for 12 years

**PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO SEE IF WE CAN GENERATE SOME VIRAL ACTIVITY TO SAVE THESE CATS** UPDATE 28 Aug 2018: RESULT! The planned trapping of these cats has been stopped. Please read this page and then … please continue reading