Body cam picture of police officer’s baseless arrest of elderly TNR volunteer is brilliant

Great photo from an arresting police officer's body cam of him about to arrest a perfectly innocent elderly woman doing TNR in a public place.

NEWS AND OPINION: This police officer (one of three) captured on his body cam the moment before he arrested an elderly lady, Beverly Roberts, 86, who was performing a public duty conducting TNR in a public place. The still image from the video taken by this officer’s body camcorder is, I think, brilliant. CLICK …

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Jonathan Franzen versus Nathan Winograd

Franzen versus Winograd

I feel I need to briefly discuss the battle between Jonathan Franzen and Nathan Winograd. Nathan Winograd is the prime mover and shaker and founder of the American No-Kill movement, which has saved the lives of probably hundreds of thousands of shelter cats. He is a highly committed animal advocate and the most knowledgeable …

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A winter warming shelter/den for feral and community cats

It’s that time of year when big-hearted volunteers like to make little dens for feral cats to keep warm. Some parts of America are incredibly cold in the winter. The organisation Watching over Whiskers (WOW) has an ongoing programme of making cat shelters for their community cats. It seems that a lot of charities …

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Humane Society breaks partnership with local authority because they secretly planned to trap and kill feral cats

Granite Shoals

NEWS AND COMMENT: For me this is an interesting story because it tells us, once again, how local authorities in America and in the UK and I presume other countries struggle with feral cats. Within local authorities there are council members who want to operate TNR programs as the method to control feral cat …

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Vet administers a pill to a cat in way which might be instructional to cat caregivers

A Cypriot veterinarian administers a pill to a cat which may be instructional to some caregivers in the UK

There are two things about this picture which are of interest to me and they might be of interest to other people too. Firstly, this is a Cypriot veterinarian administering an antiviral pill to a cat in Cyprus. It was at the time when there was a lot of news media reporting on a …

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) acts humanely towards feral cats while the other jurisdictions do not

ACT Government logo

As an introduction I would like to say this: the volunteers who manage feral cat colonies under TNR programs are very decent, kind people. They do their work without charge, freely and with a love of the cats. One TNR volunteers sums it up, “The amount of suffering is the reason that we do …

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Animal shelter that says they are NOT a shelter have occupied a zoo

Cat rescue operate out of a closed zoo

St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo (“Street Cats”) is a non-profit animal shelter as far as I am concerned although I stress that they DON’T describe themselves as a shelter which I find strange as it looks like a shelter and a damned impressive one as well. In the video you’ll see …

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Trap-neuter-release has worked well for the stray cats occupying four ancient temples in Rome, Italy.

Stray cat makes home in Roman ruins

This is an example of the success of trap-neuter-release (TNR) in the remains of four temples dating from the third and second centuries BC at the Largo De Torre Argentina site which were first discovered in the 1920s by the builders planning an apartment block. The site was left exposed and it is sunken …

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