Questions over this Salmonella superbug found in Australian cat

You may have read about this: a drug resistant bacteria (a Salmonella strain) has been detected in a cat. And they say it can be transmitted to people but (a) how did the cat acquire this bacteria (b) why is it drug resistant (c) how can it be transmitted to people – bacteria are not like viruses, they have to be planted into a person (e.g by physically ingesting the bacteria) rather than being inhaled as is the case with airborne viruses. It is said that the bacteria is highly contagious. But how?

I just have this big question mark hanging over this story. And it comes from Australia. The authorities as we know what to eradicate feral cats in Australia and there is a growing hostility towards all cats who go outside. Is this superbug scare the build up to another argument from the Aussie authorities to keep all domestic cats inside and another reason to exteriminate by any means the Aussie feral and stray cat?

Here is a video about this bug although it does not tell us an awful lot.

1 thought on “Questions over this Salmonella superbug found in Australian cat”

  1. The Aussies will find any bogus excuse to kill off cats.

    I can’t find any rationale for their findings that would justify their intentions. And, they don’t produce any evidence of human contraction.

    They are, merely, on a mission of cat kill.
    I can’t fathom why anyone hasn’t attempted to intervene their craziness.


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