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Lenny the Stinky Cat Finally Finds a New Purrmanent Home — 20 Comments

  1. The people at Scottsville Animal Hospital are great people!! They worked hard to home Lenny with someone that will love him forever. I have to say that returning a cat because of gas problems is just plain stupid. I am glad he has a new forever home. PS: Our cats occasionally have this problem too. I would never think to send them packing. they are to sweet natured to let a little gas make us part.

    • I suppose all cats have the occasional flatulence just like people! We don’t get rid of our spouses because they fart, do we? Mind you I can think of some wives who might be considering it! 😉

  2. I am glad Lenny found a great home. Maybe his new owners fart a lot too and they just don’t smell him. Good for Lenny!

  3. Am thrilled Lenny has a new forever home. I can bet you that family does NOT have a dog in the house!!!!! If they thought this poor cat was smelly they have yet had the pleasure of a 90 pound Rottie and a 70 Lab mix when they let one go. They would move out of the house the first time. Lenny hope you have a long happy life with you new family.

  4. I’ve been giving this story a lot of thought. Carla, I agree that Lenny didn’t belong in that home in the first place. Since his farting upset them so much that they brought him back to the shelter bodes badly for any future “problem” that Lenny might have presented. I would bet my bottom dollar had they kept him, (I could be wrong …but…) they would have declawed him also. UGH.

  5. My little Cisco, who is a wonderful cat, is better digestively with dry food than the wet food Pancho has to have. Sometimes he hops in bed and lets out a big stinker, but (blush) sometimes I do too. I just hope he gets it out of his system before he puts his butt in my face as he crawls under the covers. Those people who relinquished ol’ Smelly must be sensitive little flowers with dainty sniffers. On the other hand, I had a cat I loved dearly and he loved me more than anybody, but if I put on so much as hand lotion, he was like “ewwwwww, peweee” and ran from me.

    • Your comment made me think that many people in general are a little oversensitive to what we really are and what is natural. People have flatulence as much as cats and it is natural. People who are overly sensitive to this should change their attitude. The point is that cats don’t mind at all and are completely insensitive to it because it is natural. They accept natural things and for some peculiar reason we become embarrassed by flatulence.

      The cat that you had who disliked the smell of hand lotion simply much preferred your natural smell. And a good thing too 😉

  6. What sort of an excuse is that to return a cat,how horrible must these people be.however it’s good that they did so now the gorgeous kitty can have a wonderful life farts and all 🙂

    • Yes, Ali, it’d probably worked out for the better because now Lenny can have flatulence if he wants to without being punished. In any case, the flatulence was probably due to his diet as Sarah has stated. If that is the case the remedy is very simple: change the diet. It seems remarkable that he was relinquished under these circumstances.

  7. Great article, Jo! And I agree with Sarah, in that diet probably had a lot to do with it. I believe things happen for a reason, and Lenny was not meant to be with that family. Such a happy ending!!! 🙂

  8. Of all the stupid reasons to return a cat! My husband often has the same issue and I would never dream of surrendering him! (tongue in cheek)

    I am so glad Lenny has found the “fur”ever home that he deserves!

  9. I’m happy for Lenny.
    It’s evident that the first adoptees had a low tolerance for less than perfection. They would never have been able to handle any issues such as Lenny becoming ill. The poor boy would have wound up on death row.
    He needs to be where he is accepted for who he is and supported and loved in any “what if” situation.
    I agree that he was, probably, fed an inadequate diet. It was, probably, low grade dry food only because, ofcourse, these people wouldn’t want anything other than firm stools to deal with.

  10. I’m so glad that Lenny has found a new home, those other people didn’t deserve him.
    His tummy would have settled down if they had given him the chance to adjust to a new diet.
    This story has a happy ending though, thanks Jo.

  11. That flatulence is most likely due to diet. Some cats can’t tolerate the junk in commercial cat foods (especially in dry foods) and need a specialised diet.

    • He was probably given cheap food or something like that at his new home. Something silly happened and it shouldn’t have ended up with relinquishment. Thanks Sarah.

  12. Nice to see a good ending to this slightly bizarre story. I think most people would agree that to relinquish a cat because they’ve got a bit of flatulence is not the right thing to do.

    It doesn’t take much to fix that minor health problem but it seems that the original adopters didn’t know how to do it or did not want to find out how to fix it, and took what they considered to be the easy route.

    There are lots of really nice people and cat lovers in America who are prepared to take on cats like Lenny and make things right. I’ll guarantee that Lenny no longer has flatulence.

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