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3207 Reasons To Relinquish Your Cat — 7 Comments

  1. I can see moving and landlord being legitimate concerns depending on situation. Some apartments do not allow pets. Some have severe restrictions on what pets are allowed and what aren’t. This is granted the owner has taken every bit of searching and weighed their options first. Sometimes in an emergency or sudden move, there isn’t that option.

    That said I’m in a situation where I am only allowed one cat. No dogs, rabbits, reptiles etc. My grandma and I had two cats. My cat was frail, and it was a tough choice, but I decided the move would not be good for him.) The other cat had bonded with my grandma, so I realized it would be more traumatic to separate her from grandma than to force my will and take her with.

    The result: I ended up leaving both cats with grandma and would visit. Right on New years eve I ended up having to put my cat down. (It was not because of the move, but because his chronic heart condition had progressed to the point he couldn’t breathe well, couldn’t meow and couldn’t eat well.)

    – That said. I am now without a cat. I’m left with a tough decision. Do I get a cat of my own or do I wait until the inevitable situation arises if my grandma should end up not being able to care for her cat? When that happens, I want to be able to take her cat and keep her from being tossed into a shelter. (But there’s also the chance my living situation may change or grandma may be able to take her cat to a nursing home.) Lots of variables. Do I deprive myself of having a cat in the mean time? (and if I did get a cat, what would I do if the situation arises that grandma has to give up her cat?) I still miss my dear Waldo greatly. We did everything we could with his condition. I still wish he could have lived at least to this month. That would have made him likely 18, but it better he went when he did. Inevitable death by end stage heart failure would have been torturous for a cat who was a fighter and enjoyed his life to the very end.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think you show up an interesting dilemma that arises because of the artificial restriction of one cat household. It is difficult. No easy answer. At least you’re allowed one cat. No pet clauses are problematic in any case.

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  3. I see a lot labeled “change of lifestyle.” Can anyone tell me what that means? It is possible to be bitten. Our feral Renny had to be handled using a towel to acclimate him to people. He was so wild he bit Laura as well as myself. Declawed cats also bite since they have no other defences. I think a lot of cats are turned in because people expect too much too fast from a cat. It can take weeks for a new cat to adjust but in the age of “get it now” people don’t have patience.

    • You are right Elisa,some people expect too much from cats.
      I don’t know why people get cats and expect them to behave like humans.
      It’s the ‘I want, I must have’ attitude that is so wrong, people taking innocent kittens and cats lives into their power without knowing anything about how to care properly for them, then when the cat acts as a cat, they don’t want him after all.

  4. Almost 3207 EXCUSES, not reasons, to relinquish your cat I’d say.
    In my opinion, owner died or has become too disabled to care for the cat or has become homeless, are the only real reasons anyone should relinquish their cat.
    When doing Shelter studies I saw all those many excuses listed, time after time. Some people just dump their pet like an unwanted possession they just HAD to have in the first place, like a child really, saying ‘I WANT’ with no thought to what happens one they get what they want.
    The one who suffers is of course the cat because he/she had the misfortune to be taken home by someone who doesn’t think that a pet is for life, through thick and through thin and should be treated the same as the rest of the family members, be they human or dog.
    ‘I’ve got a real baby now’ some smirk which makes it obvious the poor cat was just a substitute baby until the ‘real’ baby came along.
    What makes me mad too is in cases like CR, people who dumped their cats there and walked away were crying ‘Where are my babies now?’ They ceased to be their babies the moment they walked away leaving them for whatever excuse they made, to their fate.
    I might sound harsh but after years of working and volunteering with animals I’ve heard it all before and it disgusts me the way some people discard their cats for the flimsy excuses they use.

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