Lion vs Tiger article is well researched

Lion vs Tiger article is well researched

by Matt

Tiger at Columbus Zoo - photo by Valerie (ucumari on Flickr)

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Tiger at Columbus Zoo - photo by Valerie (ucumari on Flickr)

I just got done watching the Animal Planet show Animal Face-off: Lion Vs. Tiger, and the program was so off the wall, they did not take into account things that should have been and played off the Lion as gods gifted fighter...The show irritated me to say the least.

Anyway, they said that the lion would win, if you haven't watched it, then watch it. Count the errors and laugh, that a multi-million dollar TV station can't get simple facts right is pathetic, and even worse are the experts on the show.

While I am not familiar with the lion as much I am a huge tiger fan, a tiger is capable of carrying 600lbs in its jaws, and able to drag a kill weighing 2000lbs to safety to eat it. This shows how powerful the tiger is, also the tiger hunts with camoflauge and stalks its prey and waits for the right time to attack, the tiger rarely puts itself in a situation that will cause it harm as it hunts alone.

The lion hunts in packs to increase the odds of scoring a kill to share with the pride, so a tiger is better fed, patient and stealthier than a navy seal in the water.

While I am not saying the lion is a chump, it is powerful and has the impressive mane to protect its neck and throat, I still think the way that the lion fights would never work against the smarter more patient tiger.

The tiger is smarter, stronger, stealthier and way more patient, the lion in their show was hunting a feeding tiger attacks it off guard and then stands and fights the tiger after its sprint and dive, the stamina on the lion would have been nearly depleted and the tiger would have had the upper hand, the tiger was clearly being cheated by puppets of animal planet and their "pride" of overpaid morons.

Thanks for doing actual research and basing your results on facts rather than fan fare.

Thanks again,


Lion vs Tiger article is well researched to Lion vs Tiger

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Lion vs Tiger article is well researched

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Mar 16, 2012
The title King, wasent given just over night! NEW
by: Prime

I really dont want to waste any time on comparing minor details like opinions of animal experts, trainers that know there personalties an scientist that give estimate weight calculations on weight an power. I'm just going to present who has more accounts of killinng an beating the other, since Im a fan of both lion an tigers an not Bias, I am still shocked that people think the tiger will win more times than the lion in the wild because 1 lion can an has killed a tiger in a 1 on 1 before and lions live in pride's of 12 an up to help survive against 10s of thouands of yearly migrating buffalo.

Without further a due here's a few accounts of lions killing tigers 1 on 1 except for 11 which is pretty Ironic, that people say 1 tiger can beat a pride yet 2 teen lions at only 1.5 years old killed an full grown adult male tiger.
1.Gieniuss books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in an australian zoo.(Documantry)
2.1936 Agartala zoo in bengal, a lion kills a tiger.(Local news report)
3.1935 Sikestonians saw a lion kill a tiger in a local town circus act.(Documentry)
4.1934 2 tigers died, In the movie devil tiger from a lion-(Video)
5.1955 oct, 6 Natrual history society, Page 465-468, 3 seperate accounts lion won all 3.(Documentry)
6.1960 Korea pitfights Male lions won majority of all fights.( Hidden news Report)
7.1981 Martin. L Albert witnessed a lion kill a tiger.(Documentry)
8.1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in boltimore zoo.(Documantry)
9.1935 In the town Bedford masachusetts a Zoo lost a tiger to a lion.(Local news)
10.Gir foreset 3 tigers vs 3 lions, all lions won. (Video) -Youtube-
11.2011 Korea two teen lions killed a adult Bengal tiger in an encloser.(Video)- Youtube-

Aug 21, 2010
Nice article
by: Eric Miller - Dallas TX, USA

I have found this article -->
This seems to be a better research than yours, although on a similar line. This gives an edge to the tigers.


My response: Thanks for the comment. I have seen that article for the first time. I didn't refer to it when writing my article.

I think that the article you refer to is too long. Yes, more research has gone into it but does this question require more research? I don't think so. It is all hypothetical and speculative anyway.

Internet articles should not be too long.

Michael Avatar

Aug 15, 2010
by: Michael

Hi Matt. Thanks for your support! I was beginning to feel a bit alone. But this morning there is your post and one other both of which support my argument - great..

Michael Avatar

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