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Maine Coon Health Problems — 3 Comments

  1. What is pectus excavatum? I understand the other two mentioned. Thankfully, my Abby (Maine Coon) is very healthy and behaves like she’s still a kitten. I think Shadow (Chartreux) keeps her on her toes; they chase each other all over the place, especially hide-and-seek. Thanks for the information.

    • It is a chest narrowing. I’d actually love to look after a purebred cat. I have never be the caretaker of a purebred. I love Maine Coons.

      • I love them too. Abby is not purebred, she’s a mix but one would never know it. At a guess, I’d say she’s probably 80% Maine Coon and boy oh boy, does she have all of the attributes! She’s a love bug but a true Diva. Initially, I thought Shadow was a British Shorthair, but something about his look and demeanor didn’t fit. Then I thought he may have been a Russian Blue, but again, something didn’t fit. Then one day, I was watching Animal Planet and a show called Cats 101 came on. It was about Russian Blue, British Shorthair and Chartreux cats. OMG! It was an epiphany. After the show, I looked up the breed and voila! Shadow is a Chartreux (mix, I would assume). As soon as I’ve saved up some $$$, I’m going to have a DNA test for both cats to ascertain the percentages of their breed. Should be fascinating.

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