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Man takes home wrong cat from boarding cattery then things deteriorate — 5 Comments

  1. The man who took poor Sophie sounds like a right piece of work. What an insensitive oaf.

    I hope Sophie is found & the cattery owner trains her staff to be more observant and thorough.

    Checking microchips on intake and collection could avoid this happening again. As could firing idiot staff.

    • An insensitive oaf indeed Jane. I hope you are okay. Thanks for continuing to comment. You want to come and visit me sometime.

      • Hey, hey!

        Getting there Michael, getting there… thanks 😺

        Looking to be a bit livelier/travelling again in the New Year.

        Hope you and His Stripyness are doing well too.

    • Yes, microchipping is underutilized. Even when a cat has one implanted (as with a cat I’ve taken in who’s lost her way) no one ever registered it in the first place. 17 years it went without a moment’s concern for doing the right thing. Now she’s in dire need and probably devastated to lose touch with the humans she trusted. All too often I find that animal care taking staff aren’t much better and sometime worse regarding record-keeping, even scanning at all. Cats do have a sense of direction and mapping ability, even after a car ride, so there’s hope if she does live close to where she used to live. Cant’ blame her for escaping to try. But that’s a long shot. These helpless animals can’t speak to tell us who they are or where they’re from, people. How long have we had this technology? Jesse! Oh, and staff should stop being so condescending and thinking pet owners are so stupid… the man was an idiot and an oaf, but when the lady says “That’s not my cat.”, try to think she might be right.

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