Illinois introduces first cat and dog boarding kennel law to improve safety

Illinois kennel

The governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, signed a bill on Wednesday (Tuesday?) in response to a fire in January in a West Chicago facility which killed 29 dogs. The law sets high standards at cat and dog boarding kennels in order to protect the residents. These facilities are now required to be staffed at …

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Man takes home wrong cat from boarding cattery then things deteriorate


A man picked up the wrong cat from the Paws on Parkside boarding cattery in Moteuka, New Zealand. There were two grey tabby random bred cats at the cattery. The markings were similar but noticeably different and they also had different eye colour. Their body shapes were different as well. Despite the difference, this …

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Are The Vaccination Requirements of Boarding Catteries Unnecessarily Stringent?

Cat vaccinations have become quite complicated. We rely on our veterinarian to vaccinate our cat to the minimum possible with the maximum protection. We rely on his or her expertise. It is difficult to fully understand the information on the internet with respect to cat vaccinations. And I am not convinced that we can …

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