Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter Prioritises Dogs Over Cats

Based upon prioritising resources, the chief of police at Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, James Hambrick, has decided that the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter will no longer accept most cats. The only cats that they will accept, he says, will be injured or kittens which have been dumped. Obviously dogs will continue to be accepted at the shelter without restrictions. Does this sound like the usual unfairness dished out to cats in comparison to dogs?

Protest over Mt Juliet Animal Shelter decision
Protest over Mt Juliet Animal Shelter decision
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The police force in the area runs the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter. I find the decision hard to fathom, to be honest. The only insight that we have as to why the police chief made this decision is a statement that he made to News2 when he said that cats take twice as much work to clean up after (in comparison to dogs I presume). He says that his decision will allow the animal control officers to respond more quickly to calls and be able to patrol more often.

What he’s saying is that cats demand more work to be cared for at an animal shelter than dogs do. That is something I also find very difficult to understand and believe. I would love the opinion of others in comments below as to what they think about this decision and as to whether dogs are easier to look after them cats at an animal shelter.

As a result of his decision the police chief somewhat justifies it by saying that the shelter will be open three days a week whereas previously a person had to make an appointment to adopt an animal at the shelter. But there won’t be many cats there anymore! Fine if you are looking for a dog. You’ll have to go looking on the streets for a rescue cat.

A protest took place outside the animal shelter (see photograph) over this provocative and mystifying decision. The police chief also said:

“We listened to citizens’ concerns and we also prioritise our resources… I know it is not popular, but as the chief of police I can’t make what’s going to be a popular decision, I need to make the right decision.”

One protester, Alison Dunne, made the obvious point when she said:

“This is going to be a travesty and a much bigger issue than they anticipate because someone has to pick up the slack with these cats.”

Another protester said that the feral cat population will explode.

The police chief went on to explain that the police force is dealing with some very serious issues such as men and women being killed on the streets and he has to make tough decisions and prioritise resources which in this instance means de-prioritise the welfare of lost and unwanted domestic cats.

They intend to mitigate the problem by continuing to implement the TNR program currently in place to help control the feral cat population. Do you understand this? It is the first time I have heard of such a decision. Should the police be in charge of the animal shelter?

2 thoughts on “Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter Prioritises Dogs Over Cats”

  1. Dear readers_ It is this lack of empathy and understanding towards cats in Mt. Juliet that I have come across time and time again. The same old song and dance. Mt. Juliet;Tn. is not a friendly place for cats or cats lovers. Dogs are their number one priority here. I know because I have taken in strays and delivered stray cats, sick cats and abandoned kittens the this same shelter which just so happens to be my hometown.
    This has to be one of the biggest issues they deal with here, and it is heartbreaking for them to be constantly put in the position of having no other choice left other than euthanization. Some of my dear friends work diligently around the clock caring for the one dropped off in record numbers ___who end up spending an extended amount of time locked in a cage.
    (You will not find many cat supporters in my area.According to most in this town, a cat is a nasty nuisance, lacks any form of intelligence and can fend for themselves outdoors, no matter the situation or the weather.

    The Animal Shelter of Mt. Juliet has worked with compassion and commitment helping me with rescued animals for 15 years. They are great people. This community mindset has made it impossible to remain generous , without restrictions, rules and other guidelines. They send out referrals, post adoptions, and assist in supportive efforts so cats can receive spay & neuter options at a lower cost to the customer. Even so_ there are a breed of humans here who just flat out do not care and will not voluntarily take part in the solution.
    However you may see it: these same people do not mind being a huge part of the problem.


  2. Too many cat haters in the world we live in ! No, I don’t think it’s right for the police to be the ones who make decisions on the welfare of cats or dogs. I will stop there to avoid any possible negative feedback.
    Also, cats take up much less space, cost less to feed and don’t need to be walked as opposed to dogs.
    That whole decision is completely heartless.


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