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National Kissing Day: Don’t kiss your cat on the lips — 6 Comments

  1. According to past articles of yours, “kissing” your cat is minor compared to what you engage-in with your cat. I should look up to see if there are any cat-vectored STDs in your case.

    • Well, you are simply trying in a childish way to have a go at me. Kissing a cat on the lips is vastly different to what my cat did instinctively as a young male in the video you are referring to. If you want to be published don’t write comments like that. You’ll be banned and rightly so.

      • Banned? For telling the truth? The truth that you yourself publicly admit to? That you engage in sex with your own cat(s). Why ban me for the truth? Are you that ashamed that you engage in bestiality with cats? If so, why now?

        • Your version of the truth. Is that the truth? That’s the last time under ‘Sal Sunio’ that you insult me. Bye.

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