Do cats know what kisses are?

Kissing your cat

Domestic cats don’t understand the full range of meanings of human kisses as humans do. For humans the kiss has considerable significance. There are a lot of connotations and underlying meanings. In fact the human kiss can mean different things at different times and under different circumstances. Nearly all of these are not on …

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If you kiss a cat, how does she interpret it?

Kissing your cat. Let your cat take the lead

If you kiss a cat, how does she interpret it? It is a fair question. Before answering, people should realise that we can’t answer this sort of question with absolute certainty. As yet, we do not know enough about how domestic cats think. We have to admit that we are still learning about our …

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Domestic Cats Are Small Predators and We Are Large Predators

Hiddleston kisses a cat

It is useful to remind ourselves that humans are super-predators and much larger than domestic cats, who we all know are predators themselves. It is unnatural for predators of different species to live together. From the cat’s perspective they are living with a huge predator which presents a potential barrier to the human/cat relationship. …

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