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NC kitten rescue: This procedure was used to successfully ‘thaw out’ frostbitten stray kitty — 12 Comments

  1. Little Nativity is doing well but as it stands now there is some kind of permanent damage to her rear leg and feet. We will continue to update on her progress after her next vet check up!

  2. UPDATE! Nativity Grace is doing great. Her face is healing well, walking improving, Neg/neg fiv/felv slight fever and will continue antibiotics.

  3. Elisa,
    I think the picture is informative. It’ seems not graphic, it is informational. For those who have never seen frostbite, now they have an idea of what it looks like.

    I would have thought to use warm water too. That is what we were taught when I was a kid. Warm dry towels sounds good if you don’t rub, just place them there. Makes sense too, because if you use water to warm them up eventually you have a wet cat. And being wet will make him cold. When you are trying to raise core body temperature I think it makes sense not to use water at all on the injured areas, and just warm them with warm towels.

      • Happy New Year, Michael!

        Monty says, “Happy Mew Year and send some warmer temperatures please!” He thinks humans can control the weather and I am just being stubborn by not turning the heat up for him outside. He is getting so bored!

        He even went out today for ten minutes even though it was about -10 Celsius out there. I kept thinking about the poor frostbitten kitty in this story so I called him in (with his favorite word) after about ten minutes and gave him a little snack.

        Has Gabriel been going out or is it too cold for him?

  4. Elisa, you are a blessing to all. Sometimes the vet is not available at the moment an animal is in danger. Not just the remedy is important but the identification of what is happening to the poor animal. I’m not sure I would quickly discern what to do first for a human or a cat or dog. James is right that those that block this post have “serous issues”.

  5. I’ve already had one person block me on Facebook for posting the photo. Never mind that this article could help cats until they reach the vet. If you want to block me I totally understand.

      • It’s absurd that someone could be “offended” by this informative article, or even the pictures of a pink nose. Anyone who would block you over this has their own “serious issues” they should tend to.

        • James the crazy fake profile person who complained about Nativity’s photo has now said we were harassing them! OMG Get a life!

    • there is nothing wrong with the photo, it is not graphic but if it was graphic it definitely needed post also as people need to be aware and do something, not bitch about a photo and hide their head in the sand.

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