NE Iowa cat lady rescues 3 abandoned cats in woodland

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She is “Helping kitties in NE Iowa”. She’s charming. She is nice. She is doing great work in saving the lives of abandoned kitties in the US among other cat welfare activities: TNR and fostering. Great woman and, you know, there are lots of women like this in the US. There really are. They are all volunteers, giving their time, energy and resources freely out of concern for animal welfare. They are the backbone of cat rescue in America. There are hundreds of thousands of them. They push back the abuse of cats by hundreds of thousands of others. It is as if there are two groups: the abusers who for example abandon cats such as you see in the video or simply enjoy harming feral cats and those who fall into the ‘good people’ group as does this lady. BUT they are often stretched. Pushed to the limit because there are too many unwanted, abandoned and abused cats.

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