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Oriental Shorthair Cat — 6 Comments

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    • Hi Taylor, here is a slightly lightened up version of your photo. You have a very nice slender black cat with a Siamese like face – a long face. He is actually quite like my cat Charlie.

      I always say that my cat has some Siamese in him. That may be the case with your handsome boy. It is quite possible in fact.

      The Siamese is an ancient cat breed. There are many street cats in Thailand that are Siamese cats. They don’t have to be registered with an association although in America for a cat to be a cat breed and a pedigree cat it has to be registered.

      So my answer is, yes, he may well have some Siamese him. If he is vocal and a good talker and loyal that would seal the deal.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Is my cat part oriental shorthair? He matches the description except that he doesn’t have large ears. He is very tall and slender, over a foot tall and 12 pounds.

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